German Flag Explained



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  1. tgg February 27, 2020

    I’m from Germany and I don’t get it. There is no blue color on the flag.
    Stop wasting our time, being so silly!

    Now let’s get back to work.

  2. Anonymous February 27, 2020

    The Berlin airport
    VW emissions firmware
    Claas Relotius
    3-month waits to see a doctor or get internet service
    Chrysler transmissions

  3. Anonymous February 28, 2020

    They’re not saying there’s blue in it… they’re saying there’s NO blue. So no sense of humor. In the us a lot of us are Pennsylvania dutch or german and in my fam at least humor wasn’t there. It’s a joke 😁

  4. Anonymous February 28, 2020

    No joke, the godhonest truth

  5. Mike February 28, 2020

    Anonymous… they are very aware they don’t actually think they think blue is in the flag… they are being funny by making that obvious joke about not having a sense of humor.

  6. VP February 28, 2020

    Reminds me of one of my favourite jokes.
    How many Germans does it take to change a lightbulb?
    “One. We are efficient and we do not have humour.”

  7. AusAmerika February 28, 2020

    Das ist ja lustig.

  8. Paul Pongratz February 29, 2020

    Mostly this is true -and- there is no blue in the flag

  9. Douglas Harder February 29, 2020

    I thought the blue was specifically a reference to Bavaria: with Oktoberfest, they do have fun, but the colours of Bavaria never made it into any federal or Imperial glass…

  10. Anonomy February 29, 2020

    Oh boy, you are sure missing the point here. Humor people, not explanations!!!!

  11. Alf Engelkamp February 29, 2020

    My dear German mother had a sense of humour. This prejudice of humourless Germans is outdated.

  12. Uwe Jacobs February 29, 2020

    🇪🇺 Look how much humor the Europeans have. But the Somalis beat them all 🇸🇴

  13. Michael pisano February 29, 2020

    Uwe jacobs I think you just possibly started A war with the European Union!!!🇪🇺

  14. Anonymous February 29, 2020

    This is an exaggeration. My mother’s family has a keen sense of humor. They’re especially good at sarcasm.

  15. Karusu Rodgers March 1, 2020

    I hope blue isn’t there for reasons.

  16. A non see mouse March 1, 2020

    Color blind people can’t see these colours and it makes us feel blue!!! Please work on this.

  17. Anonymous March 1, 2020

    Black means wars won. Red means wars lost. Yellow means wars drawn. Simple init?

  18. Sulio March 1, 2020

    What is shortest book in the world? Complete compilation of german humour.

  19. Anonymous March 1, 2020

    Canada is red and white?

  20. Army92 March 1, 2020

    @anonymous I’ve never had to wait 3 months for a doctor or Internet got Internet a day after signing up for it

  21. Joseph March 2, 2020

    Germans hard workers? Yea right…they are slow as molasses. If it’s not streamlined or automated they don’t know what to do.

  22. Anonymous May 24, 2020

    the German police force have a blue stripe so does that mean only policemen have a sense of humour?

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