This Twitter Account Collects Hilariously Weird Medieval Art

The Twitter account @WeirdMedieval offers a rare glimpse into the medieval art by collecting and posting everything from illuminated manuscripts to tapestries, mosaics and stained glass. The medieval period is known for its many art forms and its awkward executions: think of doodles of knights fighting snails, monks playing butt trumpets, or huge rabbits murdering people, so there’s no shortage of content to laugh at.

possibly the cutest ever rendition of a bat, england, 13th century

share if you love bunnies or are prepared to commit an act of unspeakable violence

boar wearing pants, france, 14th century

oh! sorry! didn’t see you there!!

cat playing the organ, belgium, 15th century

dog reading and wearing a funny hat, france, 14th century

don’t mind me, just licking some toes

when you’re shy and hard to talk to but your friends invite you out and introduce you to people anyways

it's saturday night, babes!

cat churning butter, germany, ca. 12th century


monk and his cat reading together, france, 13th century

cat playing the fiddle, england, 14th century

Dog treating a bedridden cat for "melancholy" (source unknown, ca. 12th century)

It was believed in medieval times that hedgehogs had spikes so they could roll over fruit to carry home to their children, which is not true but is a really cute idea

me with my cat:

crazy frog, france, 13th century

"So you may be wondering why I've gathered you all here today"

cat playing the bagpipes, england, 13th century

"useful creature" flanders, 14th century

what's he so upset about?

5 thoughts on “This Twitter Account Collects Hilariously Weird Medieval Art”

  1. Medieval memes! And let me tell you of a tale that made my fizzog beam like a summer’s morn. ‘Twas of an event where a foolhardy lad put his finger into the mouth of his much younger sibling, little more than a babe in arms, and did cry aloud, let me tell you, with some consternation, that Charlie, had bitten his finger.

  2. “Cat Playing the Organ” = the original Keyboard Cat.
    And I agree that Useful Creature is useful.

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