Funny Wedding Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Every Wedding

Even though most wedding photos appear to be flawless, there is often a lot of chaos hidden behind. Kids causing destruction and bridezillas going ballistic – that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  And what better way to summarize wedding blunders than to compile a list of funny wedding memes to browse through after the ceremony when the (emotional) hangover strikes?

When you marry the girl your homies told you "You stand no chance with her "

Wedding invites are always like: we reserved a block of hotel rooms at a discounted rate of $3,000 a night so book soon! No kids so please leave them at home or in the car. Also the closest airport is 4 hours away. Can’t wait to celebrate our love with you!

When she thinks the wedding is all about her, but you have to remind her that it's your day too.

[inventing wedding dresses] a massive skirt! more skirt! MORE now, put a skirt over her face! god ya that’s the stuff

Me in my ex wedding trying to recover all the money i spent on her

when i get married im gonna send invitations to my enemies that have minus ones on them so they'll know about the wedding but won't be allowed to go

When the DJ drops Thriller at the wedding.

People’s put the weirdest shit on their wedding registries.

Marriage is all about compromise

When you're at a cake tasting and just want more free samples, so you act like you're not sure which flavor you like.

The only way I'm coming to your wedding is if YOU get ME a gift. You just found lifelong love, I think I deserve a blender more than you do.

When people ask me how wedding planning is going

Unfair that people who are engaged get to call their partner by a fancy sounding name. Oh you have a fiancé, cool, let me introduce you to my füque buddè.

“I'm getting married only after I finish school, get a good job and stabilize me financially”

"Getting stressed" rhymes with "wedding dress". Coincidence? Perhaps not.

Just planning my wedding for a third time thanks to COVID but IM FINE EVERYTHING IS FINE

[Wedding meal] *taps wine glass until everyone stops talking and I stand up to speak* I need more wine

Me: I just want my wedding to be casual/low key.

Me at the wedding:

Great idea, let's write our own wedding vows. I can't think of a better way to kick off my eternity with you than a homework assignment.

When you ask your parents for their wedding guest list...

"describe your dream wedding" me:

Him: what kind of cake do you want for the wedding? Me:

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