Wallstreetbets Reddit Beats The Real Wall Street: Funniest Reactions To GameStop Stock Scandal

Here’s the briefest of explainers: after many years of steady decline, GameStop was not doing well and their stock was super low. Then, they hired some new board members and the stock went up. Institutional investors (aka hedge funds) observing the phenomenon decided to “short” GameStop stocks to make a lot of money when it failed. Then the /r/Wallstreetbets subreddit caught wind of their scheme and started buying GameStop stocks like crazy, hugely inflating the price of the stock so some hedge funds lost all their money.

GameStop sitting amongst Tesla and Amazon after reddit users make it a Fortune 500 company

Wall Street right now

bunch of dudes on reddit joined together to raise gamestop's stock price 150% just cuz and u want me to believe the stock market isnt just straight men's astrology

I can guarantee that every hedge fund manager crying about losing millions on their stock market gambles has argued that $7.25 an hour is enough to live on. Maybe it's time they give it a try.

Wall Street: "Mommy, no fair, regulate this."

redditors to hedge fund managers

I love that it took an online prank to reveal our entire international financial system is built on nothing

If I was a Hedge Fund losing billions to Reddit shitposters, I would get a second job driving for Uber, cut out the Starbuck's, and skip the avocado toast.

You guys don't know how much damage you are doing with this gamestop thing. This is Reginald Esquire Esquire The 2nd and yesterday he was worth 821 million dollars. Today he's only worth 820 million dollars. He'll only be able to buy 3 islands this year because of you.

oh no the wrong people are manipulating the stock market

Bitcoin is so 2020. GameStop is the new store of value.

Your hedge fund collapsed? Sorry to hear that sir. I'm afraid I'm not authorized to give discounts- that'll be $18.95

Hedge fund makes a risky bet & might go under? It's not their fault, shut everything down!

Everyone right now

Have you considered budgeting?

Oh, you're laughing at the hedge fund that got juked by reddit? Well, they're bankrupt now. Are you laughing now? Is it funny now that a bunch of MBAs are out of a job? Can you laugh knowing they're explaining to their investors that they were out maneuvered by POTATO_IN_MY_ASS?

I've made more money from GameStop today than I have in the last ten years of trading in games to them.

don’t feel too bad for the hedge fund managers.

wait stop

Game Stop stock trading in Nasdaq alongside google, tesla, Microsoft, facebook and Tesla.

When social media screws over a few hedge fund managers who were doing risky short selling: "we should probably ban the poors from discussing stocks"

Reddit after saving GameStop

I have officially recovered all the money @GameStop robbed from me as a child off of their stock.

Thanks, GameStop!

Do you think bankrupting a hedge fund is funny?

7 thoughts on “Wallstreetbets Reddit Beats The Real Wall Street: Funniest Reactions To GameStop Stock Scandal”

  1. This is how the financial bubble will finally burst. All these retards who think they “get” the market are betting on stocks that were so low suddenly making the stocks worth way more than they should be. These companies cannot possibly pay back the money they would have to pay out to cover the cost of their stocks if they were to engage in buybacks. Eventually the real investors will wake up and pull their money out. In the end, no one will win. The economy is already in turmoil due to the shortage of microchips and this is going to break things even more. We are looking at another Black Friday by the end of March. Thanks Redditors!

  2. Boo Hoo 🙄 How many GameStop employees would have lost there jobs if they had suceeded in their plan. They knew the risks going in. How is it ok for them to make billions but not us regular folks. They played the game and lost. Then proceeded to try and cheat. I hope they also get slammed in court. They are worse than the dog crap I scrape off my shoe.

  3. @AInonymous: there’s 3 possibilities
    1) you didn’t pay any attention to what is happening
    2) you did but don’t understand it
    3) you are one of them rich who are afraid to be eaten

  4. Sounds an awful lot like when Trump was elected. Career politicians, media, celebrities – all freaked out because they suddenly became obsolete, and the whole thing was perpetrated largely by a class of people they considered beneath them. So they all banded together to try to prevent it from EVER happening again.
    To really complete the analogy, the Redditors must enlist the help of a hedge fund manager to watch over their new found wealth.

  5. Al-nonymous I’m not sure I understand your point. Are you suggesting that the those who are already rich and powerful should be allowed to keep screwing over those who are not rich and powerful?

  6. This wasn’t some brave attempt to screw the rich … it was a pump-and-dump, and a lot of ‘little people’ got hurt, people who jumped into a situation that was fed by social media without really understanding what was happening. The instigators of the whole thing, the so-called ‘robin hoods’, were actually just as bad as the ones they were pretending to steal from. :(

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