21 thoughts on “Wake Up, People!”

  1. a happy, useful litmus test to winnow out people who are victims of junk science. this throws them into a panic every time.

  2. so old. and still hilarious.
    tbh needed to check myself – i´m not that a chemist.. XD

  3. Oxygen is just as dangerous, it is what causes things to decompose and is the acting agent in rust

  4. Just wait until this is found by flathearthers, antivaxxers, trumpeteers and brexiteers.

  5. are you folks referring to the same junk science that gives us Gender fluidity ?

  6. “In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria.” — Benjamin Franklin

  7. Somewhere, there’s an organic-obsessed anti-vax mom crying and frantically twitting and facebooking this shit.

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