“129 Ways To Get a Husband” Article From 1958 Shows How Times Have Changed

McCall’s was a monthly American women’s magazine that enjoyed great popularity through much of the 20th century. Kim Marx-Kuczynski came across an interesting copy of a January 1958 issue. In that magazine, an article “129 ways to get a husband” caught her eye. She decided to share it, and it is every bit as good as you would expect.

I bought a McCall's magazine from 1958 because the cover advertised an article titled "129 Ways to Get a Husband" and it did not disappoint. The whole list is littered with WTF but my personal favorite (#40) has had me randomly busting into laughing fits since I read it three days ago.


McCall's January 1958 magazine cover.

Where to find him.

How to get a husband in 1958.

How to get a husband in 1950s.

Getting a husband in 1950s was no easy task.

Brilliant advice from 1950s women's magazine.

Brilliant advice for women.

How to get men according to 1950s women's magazine.

Brilliant advice for women from 1950s magazine.

How to land a husband according to 1950s women's magazine.

How to get a husband (article from 1958).

1950s women's magazine advice for girls on how to get a husband.

1950s magazine advice for women.

This is how you get a husband.

This is how you get a husband in 1958.

This is how girls should get a husband according to 1950s magazine.

How to get a husband.

This how you get a husband.



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  1. # me too November 27, 2018

    130 Threaten him with rape charges if he won’t marry you on the spot.

  2. creepy November 27, 2018

    Half of them look like advice for how to get raped and the other half for how to get restraining orders put against you.

  3. Anonymous November 27, 2018

    These are hilarious!

  4. Anonymous November 27, 2018

    #76 has certainly changed its meaning.

  5. Anonymous November 27, 2018

    If I had lived in the 1950’s I would have stuck my head in the oven when the Valium and Martinis weren’t enough to kill the pain.

  6. Anonymous November 28, 2018

    this is frightfully similar to the dating advice you get nowadays from onkine communities (except the fish scaling maybe).

  7. Anonymous November 29, 2018

    Jesus H. Christ

  8. Anonymous November 29, 2018

    This advise is comically tragic. What I read was – act like a complete psycho, advertise your desperation, become a bold-faced liar, take advantage of other people’s pain and suffering through shameless manipulation, degrade and demean yourself regularly, and when all else fails, go to Yale. What. The. Actual…. smh.

  9. Anonymous November 30, 2018

    In other words, be completely dishonest and present an image that’s just not true. Dupe toe poor guy into thinking you’re something that you’re not.

    Excellent advice. No wonder so many 1950s marriages were unhappy.

  10. Anonymous November 30, 2018

    They forgot ” Wear see-through tops and no bra.” That always works.

  11. Anonymous December 1, 2018

    This had to be satire

  12. Anonymous December 1, 2018

    Well it could have been a flippant list. But looking at what “some” women have been doing for eternity this is what has created the “me too” movement. If a guy had read this and god knows they have always been aware of these type of women’s manipulations, I’m not surprised there are a**holes to match the bi**hs who followed these rules. Go figure!

  13. Anonymous December 1, 2018

    And this is the generation of woman who can’t understand why modern people prefer to stay single. Their long-lasting marriages are full of lying and deceit. What a house of cards.

  14. Bruce P. December 1, 2018

    At the end of the day, its about being noticed, its about being available, not sitting back, get out and about, if you see him, talk to him. Modern people don’t prefer to be single, you need open comunication about every thing. This is just about meeting someone. If you stay in your home you will not meet any one, go out do t hing’s you enjoy and take the chance to meet some one.

  15. Anonymous January 8, 2019

    Still true ;)

  16. Anonymous March 2, 2019

    For the time, entertaining. Just the right mix of whimsy and actual advice.

    The world was also about to enter a new Ice Age.

    Stop taking your own opinions as the only one.

  17. Patrice March 2, 2019

    This is so funny and timeless! I love it!

  18. Anonymous March 2, 2019

    Contact lenses in 1958 were not common at all. I call bullshit on this article unless the original source can be found

  19. Jami March 2, 2019 March 2, 2019

    They are all very entertaining, but my favorite has to be #99 – Don’t try to make him over until after you’re married! I once heard the saying that “A woman marries a man hoping he will change after marriage; a man marries a woman hoping that she won’t.”

  20. Anonymous March 2, 2019

    Favorite advice: women who whine stay on the vine!

  21. Anonymous March 2, 2019

    Number 97. Whatever you do ladies, do not let him know you’re smart!

  22. Angela March 3, 2019

    I live near an air force base so I think I’ll try #116 and paint my number and give me call, pilots on my roof LOLOLOL

  23. Anonymous June 4, 2019

    Quite entertaining. I think it’s even more entertaining of the people who commented as thought it was an actual guid instead of magazine humor. I can’t imagine any lady from that time, especially my mother, that would say “hey, that’s a good idea” to any of the points. Life’s short, just laugh.

  24. Anonymous January 7, 2020

    9 : Good idea, cause we know so many love stories which starts by, “I saw her feeding pigeons at the park and right then, I knew, she was the one”.
    11 : Did you notice? GET A JOB in a dental, law or medical school. God forbid you would actually register or have any kind of ambition! 😵
    20 : WHICH companies largely run by women? Now that’s just cruel..
    24 : Settle for a prettier friend’s leftovers, I.e.lower your standards and don’t expect better than secondhand. Sweet.
    40 : Cry softly. WTF? Reeeeeally? That’s also insulting to men, to think their ego so desperately needs to be artificially inflated by a damsel in distress act.
    58 : Get a sunburn. Ok, to be fair skin cancer wasn’t a big public health issue back then, but no thanks. I prefer my skin fresh and dewy, not extra crispy and wrinkly.
    62 : Don’t tell him about your allergies. An anaphylactic shock is much sexier. Not.
    110 : If nothing else succeeds, resort to confusing semi-threats by making him aware that not picking you could shorten his lifespan. Yup. That’s the way to go.

    That I just need to see :
    114 : Stow away on a battleship. And then what?
    115 – Rent a billboard. Screeeeeeems desperate.
    119 : Ride the bus from the airport back and forth. In the hope no one will notice and transfer you to the bus to the loon house I bet?
    121 : OK, the lasso thing is so stupid it’s awesome. I want to see that happen at least once. It has to be part of the story of humanity, somewhere, at some point, a women had balls big enough to go get herself a husband by going all stampede crazy cowboy on a random guy walking on the street, and pretending like that’s a reasonable way to propose to someone. Arf.
    125 : Need a boat first, right?

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