31 thoughts on “If Pokémon Were Drawn by Tim Burton…”

  1. Honestly… These monsters look like something you’d find in Don’t Starve Together! and I can legitly see this. These look fantastic!!! 10/10 want all 151…

  2. Not gonna lie, Vulpix is still adorable. And I would actually catch a Fearow for once if it looked like that.

  3. Raichu definitely was an upgrade from the original in my opinion. Please I need a Blastose my favorite Pokémon

  4. Are all of you “except Anonymous saying Vulpix is cute and they would catch Tim Burton style Fearow” that like this post must be crazy! This scared the sparks out of me!

  5. I knew Meowth was coming at the end of the list……because it’s the grand finale of Tim Buton Pokémon. I cracked up when I saw Meowth.

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