21 thoughts on “This Lithuanian Woman Has The Greatest Facebook Profile Pictures Ever”

  1. This lady gets it! If you’re going to put fake pictures on the internet, make sure they’re interesting, absurd or funny.

  2. She’s thinking that she’s from other planet, but lives in earth. She always says that she’s contacting with her planet people. This woman was even on TV show in Lithuania, and was talking so seriuosly about her “another planet”. Her name is Rosie, and she’s a child of gods of love.

  3. She shows Lithuania’s realness. Pretending and acting like it’s beautiful, but in real life it is madness.

  4. She’s been abused and traumatized by her previous husband so much, that after the breakup her mind chose to lock and ignore those bad memories her reality and replace them with this new identity of interplanetary connections of eternal love. She calls herself ‘Blossoming Sun of the universe’ and carries the mission of spreading love and compassion to our world.
    Sad story though.

  5. 😮 ….
    call me crazy, but that’s good
    I would even call it art
    she doesn’t aim for a realistic look but for a certain impression, a feel
    and she nails it


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