8 thoughts on “Can You Fax The Offer Over To Me?”

  1. If you have a computer with an internet connection, you can send a fax, Matt. You can also do it on from your iphone.

  2. A fax is in compliance with the Federal Government as the number can be traced… an email? Ah that can go anywhere and can not be traced once released. So what is the most compliant method of sending sensitive information? Oh a FAX!!! So Susan is more in compliance with the Privacy Act!

  3. That’s a load of crap. No one has ever spoofed a phone number? And FAX is secure because no one has ever tapped a phone line and intercepted one…NOT. The only thing FAX has to do with any kind of “compliance” is that signatures are considered as original. Which, BTW, is being done in this century with things like Adobe Sign. Sooooo…

  4. Basically pharmacists use fax. That’s about it. Otherwise, in 2019 we scan and send as an email attachment.
    But Susan likely doesn’t know how to scan so….

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