Asians Who Have No Idea What They’re Wearing

The same goes for Westerners with “deep” and “meaningful” Asian tattoos.




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  1. Anonymous January 24, 2019

    This evens out with stupid kanji/hanzi tattoos. Most kanji tattoos are so bad

  2. Anonymous January 24, 2019

    Is there a place to buy these shirts that ship to the UK? I would wear about half of these.

  3. Anonymous January 24, 2019

    Me too.

  4. The More You Know....... January 24, 2019

    I had a Rocker Boyfriend in the 80’s with a tank top with random Japanese Characters on it. We went to J-Town in San Francisco and after the third person giggled at it. I finally asked a shopkeeper what it said, it read “Cheap and Tasty”. I swore then to NEVER wear anything in a foreign alphabet that I wasn’t 100% sure of what it said. I TRIPLED checked the Kanji of my Tattoo with three different sources before getting it done.

  5. Anonymous January 24, 2019

    dwarf bravery?

  6. Richard January 24, 2019

    Dwarf Bravery seems to be a actual thing.

  7. Anonymous January 24, 2019

    I like Dwarf Bravery!

  8. Anonymous January 24, 2019

    When we went to Hong Kong we saw so many shirts like this with completely random sayings. One in particular was a girl who was wearing a shirt that said, “call me boy” without the comma.

  9. Anonymous January 25, 2019

    Hong Kong is thick with them. I saw one woman wearing one emblazoned with the name ‘Klaus Barbie’ – I think the Barbie bit attracted her rather than the Butcher of Lyon bit.

  10. Anonymous January 25, 2019

    To be fair I feel happy when I eat potatoes too

  11. Anonymous January 28, 2019

    The comments are as funny as the shirts, lmao

  12. Jamaicanmecragee January 28, 2019

    I once met an Asian gentleman in line for a roller coaster in new jersey. I immediately asked him if I could get a picture of his shirt. He was super happy and smiled big for the pic. It was a black t-shirt with Jimi Hendrix’s face(in Rasta colors) and it said Bob Marley under Jimi’s face. I’m sure I still have that pic somewhere in the archives…

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