10 thoughts on “Asians Who Have No Idea What They Are Wearing”

  1. Tell me you’re not interested in at least some of these shirts…
    ‘Precise dwarf bravery.’ Me wanna! (Except not in white)

  2. I wonder if there’s an Asian website with pictures of Americans who have no idea what’ their tattoo says. A T-shirt is a lot easier to get rid of.

  3. Most of these are factory over-runs or rejects (spelling error) and locals can get these like-new for $2 at “outlets”, mostly in Vietnam, Hongkong, Cambodia (but seldom India – go figure)

  4. Well, I feel happiness when i eat a popato, too :)

    And who knows, some pigs may have eaten many, many cats…

  5. Shirt make cool goodness for you! Also protect from fruit dust if worn around mouth.

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