Squeezable Stress Sausages For When You’re Extra Stressed at Work

What is with stress relief toys all having to have some sort of sexual innuendo to them? First Stress Balls, and now stress sausages! Anyway… Stress Sausages are perfect for relieving stress while also intimidating and frightening your husband or boyfriend at the same time. They come in three different types to choose from, including a frankfurter sausage, a saveloy sausage, and a weisswurst sausage.

Stress sausages.

Enjoy a plethora of different stress relieve techniques with the sausage including stretching, smashing, smushing, or even whipping your significant other across the back in a mushroom stamp like-manner.

Stress sausage.

Stress sausage.

Crafted from durable rubber, these sausages would make a perfect gag-gift for anyone with a stressful office job, or just someone who really enjoys… sausages… Each one will measure approximately 6 inches (15 cm) long (wink, wink).

Stress sausage.

If you feel like you need these in your life, you can get Stress Sausages on Amazon so Jeff Bezos can make a little more money to fund his space flights.

8 thoughts on “Squeezable Stress Sausages For When You’re Extra Stressed at Work”

  1. These sausages are sold on Amazon. Bezos is bald. He rides in a phallic rocket. It’s all coming together. All we need are Ace and Gary from the “Ambiguously Gay Duo”.

  2. Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me ? Well, actually it’s a stress relieving weisswurt sausage ヾ(˙❥˙)ノ

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