Crocticles: Balls For Your Crocs!

Some of you might remember Crocs spurs we featured some time ago. This time even dumber product has caught our attention – testicles for your. Crocs! That’s right, you can actually purchase attachable balls for your comfy Crocs and walk around like a total moron. Several different color options and shapes are available on both … Read more

You Will Soon Be Able To Buy Balenciaga Stiletto Crocs

We regret to inform you that Crocs is at it again. As if Survival Crocs and Crocs Spurs wasn’t enough, Balenciaga and Crocs have teamed up for Balenciaga’s Spring 2022 collection, debuting unique stiletto clogs, coming in various colors like green and black.

There Are Now Camping Crocs That Have Built-In Survival Tools

What happens when Crocs with spurs are just not ridiculous enough for your taste? That’s when someone comes up with these. They are called Campsite Classic Clog, and they’re sold by a UK company End Clothing. These unique camping Crocs come with a waterproof sleeve-like attachment that makes them fully waterproof up to just above your … Read more

So Dog Crocs Are Now a Thing…

Crocs have been around for just a couple of decades now, and they have since taken the world by storm… despite how polarizing they can be in some social circles. Perhaps most upsetting of all when it comes to Crocs, however, is that they only offer these delightful shoes for humans. Until now!

Crocs Briefs, The Most Cursed Underwear To Ever Exist

Matt Benedetto is a product designer from Burlington, Vermont that is on a quest to create the ugliest abominations of fashion industry, but this time he has taken things too far – he has come up with Crocs Briefs that look like he got stuck in a toddlers swing and just cut the chains off.

Crocodile Socks by Emma Bermudez

When the snow falls and the cold wind blows, you’ll need a cozy and comfortable friend to keep you warm… while he’s simultaneously eating your legs. That’s exactly why Emma Bermudez decided to knit these socks with textured stitch pattern across the body (designed to mimic a crocodile’s skin), raised eyes, nose bobbles, a gapping … Read more

Kanye West’s Yeezy Foam Runners Are The Ugliest Sneakers Ever

Kanye, you can’t be serious? Since the rapper-turned-designer released his Yeezy Foam Runners, notorious Crocs are no longer the ugliest shoes money can buy. Even worse, as you can see from the pictures below, people are actually buying these crimes against fashion! Would you seriously consider wearing these sneakers in public? Let us know in … Read more

Fish Sandals: This Summer’s Footwear Fashion Sensation

What to do when you already have a Crocs Handbag and Muscle Leggings, but still feel that something is missing? Of course, you get yourself a pair of fish sandals which are getting popular among Instagram users. We really need to start putting people in jail for crimes against fashion…