Best Pictures from Russian Dating Sites




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  1. Dimitri November 20, 2018

    Thanks for posting my photo. Live good. Live Vodka

  2. Alisha Ross March 22, 2019

    I did that for a few years from 2006, now I just look. I spent a few hundred on site dues.
    Many of the ones I chatted with were real. After a short while you can sort out the liars and fishers. I wouldn’t touch the Euro/ Russian sites with a 10 foot pole. After I saw nothing but fat broads on the Match white girl sites in Can/Am, I went to 3 China and Vietnam sites.
    I would give a max 2 chats without a webcam, so NO chance of me ending up like those damn fool guys. So I saw a hundred on webcam. Only a few were so ugly they hurt my eyes. Oooof. We quickly said yes or usually no about continuing. I still think many were pretty genuine. The Cupid sites are the best for sure, but still slim chances.

    I went to see one in Chengdu 3 times and web-camed for years, and a few in Saigon >> one of these, with 2 older kids, went to Perth and married a fat cement truck driver in Perth. The first visit with the Chengdu girl, she gave me a great time for the 3 weeks, with her rich friends and family. So I can’t be disappointed. Liking her was one thing, but living with her quirks was quite another. Plus what little she told me about her life was rather suspect anyway…..

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