42 thoughts on “What Parenting Really Looks Like”

  1. They should have these as posters all over the high schools. Best birth control ever.

    The first photo is really what it’s like day to day. You had plans and a clean house, and the kids changed everything.

  2. I have 2 kids.. my home never looked like this and my kids never acted or behaved this way. Its called parenting… this here.. is what bad parenting looks like… shitty parents make shitty kids…period ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

  3. My two kids didn’t ruin my life. They’re the best thing in my life. This article was apparently written by and for shitty, miserable parents. Go figure my own mother shared this to me and she was a horrible, abusive and unloving mother. But I don’t mind that nowadays. She taught me everything NOT to be as a parent. And my relationship with my kids is nothing but light and love.

  4. No humor here, just examples of child abuse. These photos show exceptionally bad parenting skills. Parents like this are not legally allowed to care for a child. Anyone of very low intelligence knows to not let kids wander around unsupervised for hours at a time. They can easily harm themselves. This specific form of child abuse is called neglect, and usually done by drug addicted parents but also by parents that just do not care about their children or anyone besides themselves (extreme selfishness). Please report it to your local authorities and get the child removed from the abusive home. Please laugh at something else besides child abuse.

  5. I don’t understand why humourless people visit a humour website. It’s just kids being kids, sheesh.

  6. Kids puke just like adults do, but their vomit will never smell winy. Regarding home failures like drawings on the walls or paint on the floor and furniture, parents will better avoid leaving toddlers and small children alone while messing around with uncool friends or dorky virtual life.

  7. Oh, look at all the perfect parents leaving comments about how their perfect kids never made a mess of anything! What amazing skills! I now wonder at how my son reached adulthood with such an awful imperfect parent as myself in charge.

  8. So what do you “perfect” parents do with your children when you shower or take a shit? Take then wth you? Tie them down? Whatever. Yall full of it if you’re trying to say your child made a mess. You’re the ones abusing your kids by not letting them be kids!!!

  9. Wow, serious judginess here! These are just funny photos y’all. And no it’s not child abuse — it’s probably a sleep-deprived parent who may not have family support, may be struggling with their own health, and has to balance too many things to be able to keep an eye on their kids every second of the day. Parenting is not easy for everyone, in fact it can be miserable for many and it’s not their fault.

    But here’s a trophy for raising your own perfect angels so effortlessly! 🏆

  10. I will never get impatient with my dog or cat again- but seriously, praise and kudos for all the people who go through this

  11. Every parent has days like this but when you’re old like me you look back on it as the best days of your life <3 Every picture here put a big smile on my face :-)

  12. I think these pictures were hilarious! Kids are curious, rambunctious and have one hell of an imagination. This is just them being themselves. No parent is perfect and anyone that thinks they were are full of shit.

  13. Ya know SingleDad? Yeah. **** that guy.
    The rest of us mere mortals hate those over-achievers.
    I LOVED every pic and God bless all these parents.

  14. Some of these kids and spouses look to be in real distress, yet the photographer just HAD to capture the moment on camera… I’m glad to be single and childless.

  15. No child abuse here! Well unless taking a photo to embarrass them with later is? The vomiting children are not misbehaving, fail to see how that makes them bad kids? My incidents were never THAT bad, but anyone who has ever owned a tub of sudocrem and had to briefly deal with child two, while having just changed child 1 and forgotten to move said pot of sudocrem, will know how quickly that stuff spreads… lol. Like I said, it was brief, so the incident wasn’t as bad as you see here… but stuff happens. And you know what, it’s only stuff/things and easily cleaned up. Funny because it happens and that childhood time moves on so quickly.

  16. With six children and 18 years of parenting (108 parent-years on the books and still going), I think this is pretty funny stuff. It’s probably fair to say these are the worse moments. Not all of us are able to have kids, but for those who do, the rewards are without equal. We all hope to change the world for the better and through our children is how we do it. Developing the patience needed to manage these situations leads to great virtue!

  17. My Wife and me we are sooooooooooo happy to have no kids, wouldn’t have the Time and patient to educate them.

  18. Kids and toddlers can do things so fast even to the most attentive of parents. I had two kids and can relate to these photos, especially the puking ones. Both my mom and my mother-in-law lost kids to horrible accidents and they were model parents who raised good kids to be good adults. All it takes is one moment to go to the bathroom or a distraction and a kid can ruin a couch or cover themselves with shaving cream or stick something in that electrical socket that you forgot to protect when you were done with it. People that criticize these photos don’t know what it’s like or are probably stay at home parents or childless or have full time nannies. You gotta laugh at life or the seriousness of what you are doing will drive you and everyone else around you nuts!

  19. The “sanctiparents”! :D My guess is many of you are helicopter parents who insist on participation trophies for your little angels. Get serious. These photos ARE what parenthood is really like — full of lots of joy, lots of sorrow, lots of fun, and LOTS of messes.

  20. If you think you want children, spend an hour at a Chucky Cheese at 4 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon. You’ll go home and buy a dog.

    Parenting is not for wimps.

  21. Technically, child abuse might have been what followed some of these photos. Little humans watch us and utilize the power of curiosity and imagination. Although some look feasible for a short time away from their parents, a lot look like what a parent would wake up to if the kiddos had some unsupervised time because their parents were exhausted. I have helped raise kids, but birthed none of my own….ahem
    This was fun to stumble onto this a.m. seeing as my kitty woke me at 6 to throw her Mardi gras beads so she chase them. I woke up to her standing on me yowling.
    I grew up in the 70’s & 80’s….so many uncaptured shitshows and oblivious and checked out parents. They didn’t supervise us & there were only “stageparents” not ubiquitous helicopter parents. But damn did we all break some bones, and there were a lot of other things that probably made us real tough, but less tender. And yeah, glad I left the breeding to these poor zombies… as for me -zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  22. I think my tubes just tied themselves. I’ll stick w/ dogs, cats, etc, though they can be trouble too.

  23. I have three. All boys. Yes sometimes they are difficult to handle. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a choice. I and my wife choosed to do something very difficult but meaningful.

  24. wow..check out the sanctimonious a-holes passing judgment upon all the parents who have kids way more troublesome and energetic than the moralists’ vegetable-children. Btw these kids’ natural curiosity and propensity for adventure may just make them leadership material in their future while your always proper and parent-dependent child may just turn ou to be another run-of-the-mill accountant.

  25. “My wife and I can’t decide whether to have a child, or get a dog. We can’t figure out whether we want to ruin our carpet … or our *lives*.” -Some stand-up comedian, I can’t remember which one.

  26. Most are funny and I can relate. But the ones that show unrestricted access to sugar – then you can expect a kid with behavioural problems and diabetes. Give them a good diet and you will get better behaviour, better grades at school and less heart disease. This is merely an observation and proven science not a holier-than-thou comment.

  27. OMG the vomit pics , this happen to me at the local Art Center, i was even sick the next day cleaning my shoes.

  28. Anyone who has spent enough time around kids or who actually has their own knows that sometimes all it takes is you getting up from your chair because you want another cup of coffee in the morning and the kid is quietly playing and in the two minutes you are in the next room somehow they have pulled out crayons you didnt know they had hidden under the couch and are tracing the letters on sesame street just like their teacher taught them to do in class, thank god for baby wipes.

  29. Jeez, you ‘disapproving’ people really need to lighten up. I suppose you haven’t taught your children how to laugh, if you don’t know how? But you can pat yourself on the back for producing well-disciplined, repressed, compliant automatons. Children are naturally curious, especially about sugar. There were times when I just fell asleep for a half hour when pregnant (at 41) while my 3yr old just got on with being himself..and sure that meant honey all over the table, carpet & himself, once. And nobody died.

  30. Love all these photo’s. And, having kids is also about the weird and very disturbing journey some of us parents go through!

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