This Month’s Funniest Internet Finds

Junkie Cats Tripping On Catnip – Professional pet photographer and self-confessed crazy cat man Andrew Marttila captures a wide range of the cats’ silly and expressive personalities as they react to their catnip trip.

People Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Childhood Photos –  we all digged deep enough, I’m sure we could find a terrible class or family photo of ourselves we’d rather not remember…

Rock Dentistry – This is what happens when you combine rock stars with a dentist appointment with a little help of Photoshop magic. Why? Obviously, some people have too much free time on their hands.

Bad-Ass Presidential Portraits – Artist Jason Heuser has been creating portraits of bad-ass American presidents since 2011. You can even buy his awesome artworks in his Etsy store.

If Mr. Bean Played Every Role In Hollywood – When one thinks of a rugged, versatile actor capable of elevating any role given to them, Mr. Bean naturally springs to mind… so somebody took his time to play around with Photoshop to give as a glimpse into alternate reality where Mr. Bean stars in every movie.

How Prankster Rémi Gaillard Crosses The Street – Prankmeister Rémi Gaillard once again slows down traffic with his antics, this time donning a train costume and setting up a pair of impromptu human gates wherever he wants. We suppose this would be a good way to cross a really busy street.

Funny Animal Photos That Will Improve Your Day – Looking at pictures of animals is one of the top reasons we are eternally grateful for the internet. Here, nine of the funniest snaps from the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards.

45 Of History’s Most Famous Insults – A gallery of responses, retorts, and comebacks that are so witty that they’ve outlived the person who delivered them.

Parent / Kid Face Swaps – A collection of some of the creepiest face swaps that are guaranteed to make you laugh while haunting your dreams forever.

How To Get Along With Neighbours – It’s quite simple, actually. All you have to do is change the way you take out trash. Once you’ve learned that, your neighbours will start to respect you.