21 thoughts on “Pug Shaming”

  1. Dog shaming is not funny.
    Neither is manipulating the circumstance to make the dog sad, angry or act out.
    Dogs are part of the family.
    Would you treat your child like that just so you can upload it to social media?
    Stop dog abuse. It’s not funny. And it’s not fair.

  2. What is wrong with you …I am a pug rescue and have had several senior PUGS…pugs are cute and adorable…and these things happen. I havevburied many….enjoy their antics…

  3. My pug puppy stole my bowl of watermelon. I had to run his belly all night while he alternated between crying and farting.

  4. Dogs are NOT people as much as you’d like them to be. Also, get a sense of humor, it costs nothing.

  5. I come to the comment section of these offerings to remind myself that, regardless of tone or subject, someone, somewhere will say I’M OFFENDED BY THIS! and someone else will say I’M OFFENDED THAT YOU’RE OFFENDED BY THIS! and I am rarely disappointed.

  6. Breeders should be shamed instead for creating such animals that suffer all manner of ailments in order to look “cute” to their owners who’ll idly post on facebook against animal cruelty then think of nothing of posting their pug in a knitted hat.

    I mean like the pugs dont know any better so like chill. Its either the owners are really salty or the just want followers/ attention smh

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