24 thoughts on “Typical Pictures from Russian Social Networks”

  1. Look at the houses these people are in. Only one step up from poverty level. Nice job, Putin, you’re keeping the people in the style to which they were accustomed in the Soviet era!

  2. I’m so glad that Americans don’t fetishize guns. Imagine!

    Other than that, these look like pictures from my youth in the industrial hub of New Jersey.

  3. These comments are pretty dumb. Every place has poor neighborhoods and shabby houses. If you had any culture you would also know that the rugs are customary. People have different cultures. Go places and find out. I’m also guessing that most of these comments are from privileged Americans. Get out there and explore. Stop judging. I can garantee these kids speak at least 3 languages and have college degrees. Dipshits.

  4. Bizarre and very wierd poses and positions and whats with the fasination with the bathrooms? So gross.

  5. We all have people with diffrent taste.
    That’s why we are humans and happy…!!?…
    Understand each other and be free.!

  6. This is so not an accurate representation of Russian social media. I’m on their social media, it is nothing like that. This post is sad and useless.

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