17 thoughts on “Beer Belly Maternity Photos”

  1. I have to say, they are mighty hirsouteous bellies. Thank you for sharing this special time.

  2. Schlitz…If I could find one, I’d drink one just to say i did. But I’m afraid they’re gone away like the old Miller ponies.

  3. Frightening. These are signs of serious liver disease that can lead to needing a liver transplant. If it’s food related, then non-alcoholic fatty liver disease causes scarring of the liver- life threatening and can progress to NASH-no cure, no medications (only clinical trials now). I know.

  4. Outstanding! The models did a fabulous job of mimicking so many of the pregnancy pictures I’ve viewed throughout the years. Absolutely hilarious from the “glowing” expressions on their faces, to the subtle backgrounds and lighting, to their maternal wardrobes, a fresh and very funny photo spread.

  5. Absolutely loved it! I can’t believe all the hate in these comments though and the name calling..whats the sense in that jeez people lighten up!

  6. These are great pics. In fact i’d say some are very hot looking. The human form comes in all shapes and sizes and all are beautiful. It’s a shame there is such negativity against such a thing.

  7. Great sense of humour, but Quote “Waist circumference measures fat stored around the belly. If waist measures 102 cm (40 in) or more for men, or 88 cm (35 in) or more for women, then a person is at increased risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.” Cheers!

  8. This does happen and it’s happening to me beer belly it wasn’t like this till the pandemic virus started and now I drink lite beer all the time.

  9. imagine asking these dudes to model… hello sir! what a large belly you have! would you like to pretend to be a pregnant lady? XD

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