Winners of The Greatest Photoshop Battles Ever (Part 2)

Every now and then, a photo so ambiguous emerges, it’s just begging to be featured on the subreddit r/PhotoshopBattles. In this post we have once again brought together the best entries from recent Photoshop battles. Scroll down to check them out, and don’t forget to visit Part 1!

Cat in a cone after visiting the vet.

Dog wearing a plastic bag to go pee in the rain.

This cunning duckling.

Pink Valley, Mount Fuji, Japan.

This badass hawk.

Green pepper.

Golden retriever who played in freshly mowed lawn.

Eagle wrapped in a towel.

Dog peaking through a gate.

Cat that looks like a beard.

This dog-friendly gate.

Hedgehog in a field of daisies.

This big dog in a sink.

Dwayne Wade Falling into Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

Leonardo Dicaprio hiding from paparazzi.

Bird by a space heater.

Dog on a Windy Day in Ireland.

Cat sliding down the sofa.

Cat in flowers.

Trump peeking.

Porcupine walking on its hind legs.

Want to see some more brilliant winners of Photoshop battles? Check out Part 1!

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