Unusually Scented Soap Bars

Steering clear of conventional scents like jasmine or lavender, “Whiskey River Soap Co.” invites you to lather up with refreshing scents like Introverts, Hipsters, Midlife Crisis, Awkward Moments, Online Dating, and many more. Might be the perfect gift for a person you low-key hate or for someone with a good sense of humor. Available on Amazon or their own website store.

Unusually scented soap bar.

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Zero F**ks Coins Allow You To Literally Give Zero F**ks

Orlando, Florida based entrepreneur Justin Heister thought it’d be hilarious to actually physically give his friends zero f**ks so he made a Kickstarter campaign that went viral and raised $81,000 after setting the goal at $4,000. This enabled Heister to gear his focus towards designing new coins to add to the collection such as “Rats Ass” and “One Shit”. “A lot of people buy them as gag gifts or birthday gifts. I’ve seen people leave them for shitty tips for shitty service,” he says, and you can now start doing that too by visting his store.

Give this as a tip for bad service.

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Leather Banana Holder For Your Bicycle

Sometimes you just need to have a banana, not right away, but you’re going to want one later. And you also need to go somewhere? Well luckily there’s a Banana Holder that can be attached to your bike! Just insert the banana softly and slowly into the leather bound straps, bike away and enjoy your delicious snack of potassium while on the go or at your final destination!

Leather banana holder for your bicycle.

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