Adventurous Man Sails Around The World With His Pet Chicken

Guirec Soudée is a Frenchman who has been spending the past years sailing around the world. If that wasn’t interesting enough, he decided to make the trip with his pet chicken, Monique. As an added benefit, Monique provides eggs along the journey, meaning she is not just dead weight out there on the water. Guirec has even published a book about their adventures. Scroll down to see the some of the best moments of their journey!

This guy sails around the world with his pet chicken.

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Renaissance Artists Were Really Bad At Drawing Babies

The Renaissance artists repeatedly did something that we balk at today – they painted children like miniaturized old men. This was probably due to the fact that the concept of childhood is a relatively recent trend in history, but in some 15th and 16th century works, it looks like the painter never laid eyes on a baby.

Ugly baby in Renaissance painting.

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