We Regret To Inform You That Lace Men’s Shorts Are Here For The Summer

Sometimes, it seems like the entire purpose of the Internet is for companies to push ludicrous products on an unsuspecting public in the name of “fashion”, and then for sites like ours to make fun of those products. That’s exactly how we got Sandal Socks, Cowboy Boot Sandals, and Crocheted Men’s Shorts. Well, here we go again. We’re sorry to tell you that this item of men’s fashion now exists. Where to buy this atrocity? You’ll have to go to Hologram City to do that, but we strongly suggest that you don’t.

Men's lace shorts Summer fashion crime.

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Bulgarian Woman Addicted To Lip Fillers Quadruples The Size of Her Natural Lips

Andrea Emilova Ivanova, a 22-year-old woman from Sofia, in Bulgaria, has quadrupled the size of her lips after undergoing her twentieth lip filler injection. The young woman, dubbed a “real-life Barbie”, has already spent thousands of dollars on lip fillers, but claims she still wants to increase the size. She isn’t sure if hers are already the biggest lips in the world, but she admits that they must be among the biggest. Although she sometimes gets negative comments on social media because of her oversized lips, Andrea says she ignores the criticism, because hers is the only opinion that matters.

When lip fillers get out of control...

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Meet Eris: Dog With an Unusually Long Snout

Eris is a Russian wolfhound (also known as Borzoi), who has an extremely long 12.2-inch (31 cm) snout. Her owners claim that she may have a world record holder nose and they definitely wouldn’t mind if experts measured it. The couple from Richmond, Lily and Savannah, adopted her and brought her home in July 2018. Back then, she was just a pup, and no one even knew how long she and her nose would become and that Eris will turn into a Instagram celebrity.

World's longest snout.

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