Giant Stuffed Tarantula: The Best Gift For Someone With Arachnophobia

What is arachnophobia? It is an intense fear of spiders. Many fears seems reasonable. We all try to avoid things that make us feel uncomfortable. The difference between a fear and a phobia is that a phobia is an intense and irrational fear toward one or more things or situations. Even though spiders have cute little paws, many people fear or at least dislike them. If you have someone in your life who has arachnophobia, these giant 75 inch (190 cm) tarantulas made by LifelikeSpiderArt Etsy store would be the perfect gift.

Giant stuffed tarantula.

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Excellent Sculptures of Tom And Jerry Cartoons by Taku Inoue

Tom and Jerry has to be one of the most iconic cartoons ever created. You probably remember watching it on TV during Saturday mornings back when you were a kid. The two always seemed to get into all sorts of funny situations, typically resulting in Tom getting hurt in some ridiculous way. Inspired by the antics of Tom and Jerry, Japanese artist Taku Inoue has created sculptures capturing the most iconic moments from the cartoon. Check them out in the gallery below!

Tom and Jerry sculpture by Taku Inoue.

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The Loved One Launcher: Ash Scattering Cannon

Because who doesn’t want to go out with a bang? The Loved One Launcher ash scattering cannon is a handheld cannon for scattering ashes with great impact. Powered by two CO2 cartridges, it can shoot the powdery remains more than 70 feet (21 meters) into the air. You can even add confetti and streamers to the mix “for a dreamy visual effect, creating a beautiful, joyful scene that sets the perfect tone”. It sells for $375 on Cremation Solutions website.

"The Loved One Launcher" ash scattering cannon.

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These Funny Cat Planters Create Cats With Cactus Tails

We have previously featured balls planter that was a bit tacky and in poor taste, so this time let’s take a look at something much more adorable and SFW. These funny cat planters are made to look like a real cat, while the actual plant inside would act as the cat’s tail. Preferable you should get a long cactus plant that sits farther back in the planter to give the correct look. You can select various types from Sculpture Art Studios Etsy store.

Cat planters.

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Famous Logos Recreated As Medieval Brands

Ilya Denisov (also known as Ilya Stallone) has created a series of works “Medieval Branding” where he reimagines what the logos of famous modern brands would look like during the middle ages. Ilya is a Russian graphic designer who got inspiration for this project from his trip to Belarus where he visited several medieval castles. Scroll down to see the best examples of his medieval logo recreations!

Medieval Windows logo.

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Funny Classical Art Edits by Varkey

Digital artist Varkey makes funny art mashups and collages which connect classical artworks and modern life. This creator started his art journey during the covid lockdowns and has found success on Instagram where he shares his works. He has accumulated thousands of followers from around the world. Scroll down to see some of our favorites!

Classical art meets modern life.

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The Mullet Shoe Is Here!

Sneaker in the front, party in the back! The Mullet Shoe is a high-top with silky smooth set of light brown locks cascading down the back. It’s a mullet… for a shoe… ready to swish all sultry when you walk, and blow romantically in the breeze. And also get muddy, matted, and rank when you drag it through the dirt, and possibly make you trip and fall on your face if you don’t mind its flowing length, which appears to be couple inches longer than the shoe itself.

The mullet shoe.

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1950s Dayalets’ Hellish Vitamin Mascots Intended To Promote a Healthy Diet

Nothing really can prepare you for what you are about to see. As you can gather from the title, Dayalets were popular vitamins back in the 1950s, but they were also so much more: they were glimpses into the hideous, ironic permutations that awaits people who have inaccurate vitamin consumption habits. And keep in mind these are designed to hang in doctor’s offices and make patients WANT Dayalets. Most people would want something else, like an exorcism.

1950s Dayalets' hellish vitamin mascot.

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