You Know What’s Getting Popular? Lizard Costumes.

Cat and dog owners are well known for dressing their pets in funny outfits. However, lizard owners are now stepping up their game and putting their bearded dragons into wedding dresses, captain uniforms, and even shark costumes. Scroll down to see some of the finest examples we could find!

Lizard in a funny costume.

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This Brazilian Tattoo Artist Can’t Draw, And That’s Why People Love Her

In the past, we’ve shown you plenty of awful tattoos. There are lots of ways a bad tattoo can happen, and usually people try to avoid them. But Brazilian tattoo artist Helena Fernandes is changing that, one terrible tattoo at a time. She has no artistic skill to speak of, but that hasn’t stopped her from opening a successful tattoo shop in her hometown of Salvador de Bahia. Scroll down to see her ugly creations.

Some people get really ugly tattoos...

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