2020 New York City Taxi Drivers Calendar is Here!

New York City taxi drivers have once again teamed up to put out a super hot calendar. The result is truly magnificent! It can be purchased here and a portion of the proceeds is donated to nonprofit University Settlement that’s serving over 40,000 immigrant and working individuals and families every year with basic services like quality education, housing, recreation and wellness opportunities, and literacy programs. Scroll down to see the hilarious photos that are included in this year’s calendar and some of the funniest samples from previous years!

2020 NYC taxi drivers calendar.

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Hilarious Fake Gift Boxes To Prank Your Friends This Christmas

How will you wrap your Christmas presents this year? Are you going to use the same old boring wrapping paper or make the whole thing little more fun? Pranko-O is a company that creates hilarious prank gifts, called Prank Packs. The products, sadly, don’t exist and these are just gag boxes. But imagine your partner’s reaction when they were hoping to get an expensive necklace for Christmas but receive an Earwax Candle Kit instead – priceless!

Funny fake Christmas gift box.

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This Instagram Account Documents All The Strange And Funny Things That Kids Say

Kids say the strangest and funniest things. We’ve always loved the frank, honest and unadulterated way that little humans choose to express themselves. They see things from a different perspective to us grownups whose thoughts have been shaped and molded by the world around us. NYC school teacher Alyssa Cowit was so fascinated by the questions and comments from her Kindergarteners that she decided to start an Instagram account, called Live From Snack Time, to chronicle them. Scroll down for some of the best ones!

Funny kid quote.

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