Dad Creates a Springtime Pregnancy Photoshoot Parody

Francisco Pérez, a father-of-two, decided to create a gallery showing the beauty of full-figured dad recreating the whimsical, earth-mother style of traditional maternity shoots. The shoot was also a favour to friend and photographer Martyn Wilkes who was looking for a creative way to showcase his maternity work:

I came up with the idea as I had always joked about my friend Francisco being so fat he could be pregnant. His belly was perfect and his rugged and manly look fitted in just right with what I had in mind. I wanted elegance, flowers, nature and natural beauty versus the exact opposite – in a nice way.

We think he nailed it.

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Guy Paints “Welcome To Cleveland” On His Roof. He Lives Next To Milwaukee Airport.

For nearly four decades, Mark Gubin has been playing a prank on people flying into his hometown. As aircrafts descend into Milwaukee’s Mitchell International airport, passengers are greeted with a warm, welcoming sign “Welcome to Cleveland” that Mark has painted on his roof. Gubin says that the sign – painted on the roof of his apartment in six-foot letters – has always succeeded at giving flyers a good scare:

There’s no real purpose for having this here except madness, Which I tend to be pretty good at.

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