Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Has The Funniest Twitter

Why settle for just any social media manager when you can have a social media manager with a great sense of humor? With their quick wit and clever jokes, they’ll keep boring posts at bay. Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation definitely made the right choice when they hired whoever manages their Twitter account. Scroll down to see the funniest posts!

Whoever filled out a cougar sighting report and wrote "your mother" under the description drop your @ we just want to talk

YOU are cold. They have fur. Do not let inside.

We love all creatures great and small, except for the wasp that stung us on the lip in 5th grade. We hate that wasp.

No one showed up for employee picture day :(

Parking eight deer on the roof before breaking and entering isn't very "leave no trace" just saying.

one day you're young and cute and the next you're 27, excited about a bird feeder

you've heard of elf on a shelf now get ready for

prepare for hot girl summer by getting your

Be diligent and check your child's candy this year, just found an invasive silver carp shoved inside a Milky Way. No words.

Whitetail deer are the Kardashians of wildlife because there’s like a million of them and they’re always up to something

Two of those three questions are federal crimes.

There is nothing silly about a goose.

Yea we got NFTs newts, frogs, turtles

Get your mom a fishing license because at least it will show up at her house and not be such a disappointment.

Mack from fisheries crew wanted to demonstrate how to properly hug a paddlefish, Step one: get a paddlefish Step two: hug the paddlefish Step three: try not to cry tears of joy

If otters were human sized that would be like, so intense.

Favorite things: 1) Going outdoors with the kids and taking in the wonders of nature. 2) Same, but without any kids in sight.

Mosquitoes suck.

*feels a slight breeze

the real stars of duck season are all the good bois and girls being all serious in their little camo vests

Listen, bear spray DOES NOT work like bug spray. We would like to not have to say that again.

believe it or not, we are an actual government agency.

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