The Most Awkward Book Titles on Amazon

Still Stripping After 25 Years by Eleanor Burns

The Jewish-Japanese Sex and Cook Book and How to Raise Wolves by Jack Douglas

Old Tractors and the Men Who Love Them by Roger Welsch

Learning to Play With a Lion’s Testicles by Melissa Haynes

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety by Zachary Auburn

Extreme Ironing by Phil Shaw

How to Traumatize Your Children by Knock Knock

A Practical Guide to Racism by C. H. Dalton

Dancing With Cats by Heather Busch

Natural Bust Enlargement with Total Mind Power by Donald L. Wilson

Why Is Daddy in a Dress? by Amanda McCall

The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America by Julian Montague

If God Loves Me, Why Can’t I Get My Locker Open? by Lorraine Peterson

How to Raise Your I.Q. by Eating Gifted Children by Lewis B. Frumkes

How to Avoid Huge Ships by John W. Trimmer