Women On Instagram Are Choosing Not To Shave For #Januhairy

New trend is taking over the Instagram: women from all over the world are celebrating their natural beauty with a no shave January movement called #Januhairy. The feedback controversial… Tell us in comments what do you think?

The lady that started it all.

Natural beauty: Y / N?

#Januhairy legs.

Celebrating natural beauty with #Januhairy

Embracing the armpit hair.

Enjoying the no shave January.

She decided to join #Januhairy

Not shaving legs for #Januhairy

Hairy armpit movement participant.

No shave January results.

Proud #Januhairy participant.

Pure natural beauty.

#Januhairy winner.

She's going all in for #Januhairy.

Beautiful? Yes? No?

Proud #Januhairy participant.

#Januhairy trend supporter.

No shave January in full swing.

Living all year like it's #Januhairy

In support of #Januhairy



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  1. Anonymous January 8, 2019

    >celebrate natural beauty
    >wear make-up

    Pick one.

  2. Anonymous January 8, 2019

    Shave or don’t. No one cares.

  3. GuyWhoLikesHair January 8, 2019

    It should be acceptable to not shave and presently women are under intense pressure to do so. Therefore normalising body hair on women and campaigning for it is a good thing.

  4. GuyWhoDoesn'tLikeHair January 8, 2019


  5. Anonymous January 8, 2019

    Considering it’s only Jan 8, I’d say they’ve been like this a lot longer than just January.
    Do what you want.

  6. Hairiett McStubblefur January 8, 2019

    My (male) OH was astounded how hairy we women actually are, especially our legs. Makes you think about how a smooth woman is being perceived as ‘normal’ or ‘natural’ more than an au-natural one….

  7. donni T January 8, 2019

    armpits hot, legs meh

  8. SmellsHypocrisy January 8, 2019

    these woman, all of them have been hairy far longer than just January so these are all FAIL pics. I agree with the other post..don’t put on makeup and then call unshaven “natural” and act like you’re making a difference.

  9. Anonymous January 8, 2019

    They’re still model-esque. Hypocrisy in motion.

  10. Anonymous January 9, 2019

    I agree with most of the comments in that being natural is very beautiful. You don’t need make up, you don’t need to pluck or trim eyebrows, and you don’t need to shave your legs. Just be feminine and natural as a total package of woman.

  11. Anonymous January 9, 2019

    These men really need to learn better grooming.

  12. Hornblat January 9, 2019

    Ironic some still do trim their eyebrows , but they are all still sexy !

  13. tade n jolly January 9, 2019

    its a personal thing u gotta do what makes u happy n ur comphy

  14. Anonymous January 10, 2019

    It’s called “hygiene” not “empowerment.” I’m a dude who shaves for work, brush my teeth, style my hair, wear deodorant. It’s not my way of “bolstering the patriarchy;” it’s my way of respecting others who have to look at my middle-aged mug.

  15. Hairy Popper January 10, 2019

    Some of them turn into werewolves at full moon nights.

  16. Sex Instructor January 10, 2019

    I’m with donni T – armpits hot, legs meh

    But yes totally true, the bullshit societal norm of women shaving all their body hair needs to be challenged. And the guy above saying it’s “hygiene” to remove body hair is talking bollocks.

  17. Anonymous January 10, 2019

    Fantastic Beasts…. and where to find them.

  18. Raf January 12, 2019

    Well… If you like to stink and look stupid…

  19. Anonymous January 13, 2019

    Social conventions, not law. Shave or don’t, just as you like. But isn’t it quite tricky to put on tights when your legs are “natural“?

  20. Anonymous January 13, 2019

    Jesus. Shave yourselves. Body hair on women is pretty gross… Maybe that’s social convention, maybe not… but Jeeeez… shave already. You stink and it looks disgusting.

  21. Anonymous January 13, 2019

    Shit, wouldn’t want a girlfriend with more hair on the legs than i have…

  22. Anonymous January 13, 2019


  23. Anonymous January 13, 2019

    Not attractive at all.

  24. mflo January 13, 2019

    Ugly girls know how to wear hair!! May be German !!

  25. Anonymous January 13, 2019

    We found Yeti!

  26. Frank January 13, 2019

    1st-world-problem :-(

    I feel sorry for all the women who think, being “beautyful” does matter in any way. They spend hours per day to transform their real self into a different, somehow artificial person.

    If you want to shave your legs, arms or whatever for yourself or to feel better: do it. If you think it has to be for some social reason: dont.

    And not only for Just 4 weeks – forever!!

  27. Mickey Bitsko January 14, 2019

    Oh, look. Democrats.

    Fair enough. Guys: How about a No Wash month?

  28. Frankly Dontcare January 14, 2019

    So long as hygiene and “natural” are not confused.

  29. Harry January 14, 2019

    They are all beautiful! Love the no shave look. Also, why does not shaving make them stink? Do men with hairy legs stink?

  30. MSGRules January 14, 2019

    Ha ha some of those been growing for a long while. How many follow the way of the vegan?
    Doesn’t bother me too much except if they vegan.

  31. U R boring January 14, 2019

    Shave or don’t. Since people post nearly every little mundane thing in their life online as some kind of melodramatic ‘triumph against the norm’ spiritual journey, it’s actually BECOME the norm and the norm is boring. So you’re only impressing yourselves. In other words? You’re a cliche and no one cares.

  32. Anonymous January 14, 2019

    Well… I´m not in to the whole Gorilla look, but then most feminists behave like apes so guess it’s fitting…

  33. NJ Mike January 14, 2019

    Ear gauges? Check.
    Neon hair? Check.
    Tattoos? Check.
    Nasal piercings? Check.
    Dull, vacuous faces signifying an absence of intelligence? Check.
    Slurping down latest fad the Left tosses their way?


  34. Tony da Tiger January 15, 2019

    Hey, to each their own. You have men with body beards, that be looking like a silver back, you have 300 lb men that can go topless on a beach with their body hair and moobs everywhere. Why not let the ladies do what they want? They don’t wanna shave, that is fine by me. What is the big deal about body hair. Infantilizing women has never been my thing. Women want to go around topless, let them. Stop demonizing people for how they choose to live their lives. If it ain’t hurting you, leave them be.

  35. Anonymous January 15, 2019

    Liberalism is a mental disease.

  36. Anonymous January 29, 2019


  37. Lori February 10, 2019

    I’ve seen a few comments about Democrats and liberalism. Why do you think not shaving is a Democrat thing? I’m a due hard Democrat and I shave everything. I shaved my legs before I went to the hospital to deliver my kids. This is not a political choice you morons.

  38. Anonymous February 16, 2019

    People who can’t deal with natural body hair on women have mental health issues.

  39. Anonymous February 16, 2019

    Armpit and pubic hair on women and men is a signal of sexual maturity – adulthood.

    Normal. Shaving it off is abnormal.

  40. Anonymous February 18, 2019

    i want to puke :S

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