NFT Memes That Perfectly Capture The Ridiculous Trend

NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, have been around since 2014, but they’ve only started gaining notoriety in the past few years. In 2021, the market for NFTs was worth about $41 billion, but it crashed in 2022. By this time there aren’t many people who still believe in this idiotic trend and all those NFTs are pretty much worthless. Scroll down to check out the funniest NFT memes we rounded up for your amusement!

NFTs explained.

Never ask a woman her age. Never ask a man his salary. Never ask an NFT bro how his marriage is going.

You're laughing?

I hope his uncle gets better.

No. It’s called the blockchain and it means the monkey is actually mine.

NFT hype train.

Then vs. now.

NFT creators when they realize that there is this thing called 'screenshot'

NFT owner ventures into the real world

When it’s career day at school and your dad shows up with his NFT collection

I will be your NFT girlfriend. You can’t touch me or interact with me in any way, but if you pay me enough you can go around telling people I’m yours.

Priceless NFT Artwork Vandalized With Spray Paint Tool

Me going for my 9-5 job knowing someone sold a jpeg of an ape for $547,000

Technically every mocking reply to a crypto bro is an NFT, because it's a digital record of them being owned

Dads when they get a NFT for Father’s Day

Everybody loves unregulated markets until their imaginary wallet full of monkey jpegs gets stolen.

“I’m educating women right now about NFTs”

nft son or astrology daughter?

pee after sex or you will get an NFT

"So tell me the use case for your NFT"

well, it's digitally scarce.

"So what can you do with it"

I own the rights to it on the blockchain and no one else does

"So what do you do with it?"

I look at it, check the value daily.

"So what gives it value?"

It's digitally scarce.

NFT creators when someone right clicks save image as

I still think "nonfungible" sounds like it means "cannot be turned into a mushroom".

8 thoughts on “NFT Memes That Perfectly Capture The Ridiculous Trend”

  1. I was going to say, “Someone please tell me there really *is* a BoobyButt420FartNFT” but then I realized I don’t care.

  2. LOLZ! It is so true! My old school parents were totes buying a second home to use as a personal ski lodge while I was wasting my 30’s wondering if I should drop $40K on an NFT rock.

    Weirdly, my dad and I also BOTH had hipster beards with handlebar moustaches!

  3. I’ve seen many of these strange crazes where people collect something as an “investment” whose only value is that they and other collectors keep bidding up the price. Beanie babies, Furbies, tulips in 17th century Holland, and today NFTs. Sooner or later the fad always passes, and the market crashes.

  4. At first, I thought NFT’s were like tokens or something that could be traded for prizes with cash value. Imagine my disappointment in humanity when I found out the truth was far, far dumber. Truly sad and useless.

    By the way, does anyone want to buy my capybara NFT? It’s just a stock photo of a capybara I paid 99 cents for, but it’s a capybara! Must be worth a million at least, right??

  5. NFTs are not hard to understand if you realize that they are all a scam concocted as a result of all that free QE money sloshing around after the 2008 GFC. When the SHTF, all this crap will disappear faster than it appeared.

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