This Middle Finger Halloween Mask Might Be The Ultimate Costume For 2021

“No one cared who I was until I put on the mask”. Such is the case, when you slip on this giant middle finger mask which perfectly captures how most of us feel about 2020 and 2021.

Middle finger mask.

It’s made from 100% latex so it should be dried, turned inside out and wiped down with a damp cloth before using for the first time. It will also give you some time to reflect on your life and decisions that led you to buy this thing in the first place. Maybe you don’t need this mask? Maybe you need some therapy?

Middle finger mask.

Middle finger Halloween mask.

In case you are absolutely positive that you want to spend your money on this creepy thing, you can get it on Amazon. Jeff Bezos will be happy to get some extra funds from you for his next space flight.


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  1. Anonymous August 22, 2021

    It looks like Jason with a bad hair day. Or maybe he just grew a machete on his head.

  2. Anonymous August 24, 2021

    HR: Bob, when we sent the memo out, requiring all employees to wear masks, this is not what we had in mind.

  3. Derek August 25, 2021

    This mask would go great with my new fo’coff mug. Also bought it on Amazon for a similar price in Canadian dollars.

  4. Darwin August 28, 2021

    Perfect to wear as a thank you to all the smooth brained anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers who are directly responsible for the surge in Covid cases.

  5. Tim August 29, 2021

    Sounds absolutely perfect for the whitest of white people, like you.

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