Awkward Instagram Beauty Trend: McDonald’s Eyebrows

Just a moment ago everyone was into Nostril Hair Extensions. Now it seems that whole bunch of Instagram users are turning themselves into Ronald McDonald…




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  1. JC December 10, 2018

    everyone looking so nice with the eyebrows in these pictures

  2. Anonymous August 31, 2019

    Wtf mate

  3. clitmaster August 31, 2019

    proper idiots

  4. Nathan August 31, 2019

    What do they think they’re doing? 🤣🤣🤣 they look like cartoon characters staring into a bright light.

  5. Anonymous September 1, 2019

    Um. Why? smh

  6. Anonymous September 2, 2019

    Y’all need to stop 😂

  7. Anonymous September 2, 2019

    Love me a girl who’s easily surprised.

  8. Anonymous September 2, 2019

    wow, just wow

  9. Anonymous September 2, 2019

    The girl with the French fry box has me rollin’ 🍟🤣

  10. Really? September 2, 2019

    I can’t believe Y’all think this is real. Can’t you read? At the top it says (in big bold letters) sad and useless humor site. Get it? It’s a joke 🤦🏻‍♀️

  11. Anonymous September 4, 2019

    I know someone who has eyebrows similar to that. They’re not quite as drastic, but enough to make you do a double take. She’s worn them like that for years.

  12. Anonymous September 6, 2019

    Clowns did it first! 🤡

  13. Anonymous September 7, 2019

    These people need therapy.

  14. Anonymous September 11, 2019

    I used to do them back way back then 🤣 how is this even a trend

  15. Anonymous September 13, 2019

    What a joke. Y’all look like clowns gone wrong. As a Professional Make-Up Artist, I can tell everyone this isn’t a trend and it never will be. Just like the big thick brows is now not cool to wear, it’s gone back to standard more natural looking eyebrows like they had in the 60’s – 70’s.

  16. Anonymous December 10, 2019

    People need to get a job!!

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