21 thoughts on “Hipster Dogs With Man Buns”

  1. About as stupid as the real man bun.
    I wonder if anyone has ever decided they actually look good in a man bun, or if they are doing it because every other hipster is doing it.
    Here’s a tip for you “guys”: You look ridiculous!

  2. These dogs all look like they regret asking to be reincarnated as dogs with people who love them silly :)

  3. Who thinks it’s a good idea to put elastic bands around a dog’s ears? It’s cruel is what it is – for the sake of a cutesy picture you subject a dog to this? Try taking your kid’s ears and sticking them in elastics for a cute picture – maybe you’ll learn something!

  4. Isn’t that bad for their ears, being that they are significantly more sensitive than ours?? If I was one of those dogs, I’d bite the hell out of whoever did that to them!!! And then again man buns are ridiculous!!! 😝

  5. To the owners who gave their dogs man buns: These dogs are going to shit in your shoes later and you deserve it.

  6. So stinkin cute! I wish I had taken a picture of my schnauzer with earrings on when I was a kid!

  7. People complaining about the dogs ears tied up. This is to let ear into the ear canal. This is important for dogs that get ear infections.
    Their owners got a photo of it and pretended it was a man bun.
    Calm down.


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