18 thoughts on “Know Your Parasites!”

  1. Now i know what you mean with sad and useless.

    Btw: Over here in Germany we have a lot of experience comparing people with bugs.
    Nearly nobody want to repeat it.

  2. This site is really funny — until you get political. Then it just gets stupid and pathetic. If I want stupid anti-Trump, anti-Brexit garbage, I’ll turn on MSNBC.

  3. A Trumptard accusing others of “getting political” then turning around and getting political is the funniest shit I will read on any given day. You don’t even need to be a liburl in order to recognize their glaring blind spots in reality.

  4. Human memory is so short to remember the lessons from the past: the first one is defining the enemy, the second one is to encourage to fight against the enemy without any reflection on human history, and the third one is to destroy any balance in order to prove your rightness without considering the outcome (usually finishes in bloodshed)

  5. Yes. Trying to secure the nation’s borders and monitor people coming in and out of the country is INSANE. I am glad that the Editors Of Sad and Useless are in favor of the 80% Of migrants who get RAPED or otherwise sexually assualted trekking thru Mexico, lured by the perilous illegal border crossing YOU have such a vendetta to keep open. YOU PEOPLE ARE ACCOMPLICES TO MASS RAPE just to gratify your sick childish need to mock our president.

  6. wow… ur kinda annoying. Have you noticed what Trump has done to us? also he is a diagnosed psychopath. He separated a bunch of families, and forgot to write who was related to who. This meme describes him EXACTLY HOW HE IS. he is a complete lunatic

  7. a lunatic, yes. and almost half of voters liked what they saw and tried again in 11/20. the problem ain’t trump.

  8. How dementia Joe working out? We could easily be on the precipice of WW3 and we have the architects from Benghazi & Afghanistan in charge. In fact he’s such a Luna tick that Putin didn’t dare invade til spineless Joe took over.

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