Worst Book Covers on Amazon

Spending Christmas With a Yeti” and “Voluspa-A Magical World


Sorcerer’s Duel” and “Intensity

Tiger of Talmare” and “Color Mage

Disbelief” and “Reach for the Moon

The King’s Secret Service” and “Actual Funny Police Stories

Can You Turn It Off?” and “Mega God

Save That Man” and “Death in the Australian Outback

ISIS: The Beauty Myth” and “The Temptation of John Haynes

The Sons of Donigan” and “Shield

Signed Confessions” and “Haunted

Taxicab to the Stars” and “The Lost Journal of Robyn Hood

Bigfoot Bob” and “The Queen’s Orb

The Blood Between Us” and “Bobby Massey and Team Bazzare

Behind the Gem” and “Love Laws


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