Funniest Reactions To Leonardo DiCaprio Only Dating Women Under 25

Nothing stirs up the Internet on a weekday like a celebrity breakup. Twitter users have unleashed a series of memes and jokes on Leonardo DiCaprio only dating women under the age of 25 ever since the news of his breakup with Camilla Morrone became public. Fans have observed over time that DiCaprio has never dated anyone over the age of 25 and seems to break up with women just as they hit the mysterious number. Below are the funniest reactions so far.

white smoke has emerged from the chimney atop north hollywood high school, signaling that leonardo dicaprio has chosen a new girlfriend

maybe leonardo dicaprio hated 9/11 so much that he can’t even date women who remember it. did that even occur to you

titanic turns 25 this year at which point i assume leonardo dicaprio will no longer want to be in it

We haven't seen Leo DiCaprio in 12 years

i need to know how leonardo dicaprio conducts these breakups. does he start picking fights months before they turn 25 to be less conspicuous? do they wake up on their birthday to a note that says “sorry i can’t don’t hate me” someone pls investigate

happy birthday to me. i am 25.

everyone assumes that he is the one breaking up with all these 25-yr-olds. what really happens is that once a woman's brain finishes developing, she realizes she doesn't wanna be with leonardo dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio on his next date like

Have you ever considered that Leonardo Dicaprio is so proud of his work in the Titanic, he only dates women who weren’t old enough to have seen it when it premiered so HE can share the special moment of watching it with them for the first time? did that even occur to you.

He couldn't stay with her because he had to be present at the birth of his next girlfriend

Leonardo DiCaprio: *looks at clock* *sees big hand move from 11:59 to 12:00* sorry I don’t think this is going to work

This Leonardo DiCaprio graph where he continues to get older and his girlfriends never age above 25 lives rent-free in my head.

sometimes i worry about aging and wasting my life and then i remember that i’m too old for leo dicaprio which means i’m still quite young and have my whole life ahead of me

leonardo dicaprio when his girl turns 25

maybe leonardo dicaprio feels bad for all the women who can’t rent a car until they are 25 and is actually a really good guy. did that ever occur to you.

Things that happen at 26: 1) You’re forced off your parents health insurance. 2) You’ve lost your chance at Leonardo DiCaprio.

This photo is from the future. It is a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio with his girlfriend. Sources from the future say he breaks up with her at 25.

I hope all of Leo DiCaprio's exes become friends :) and form a book club :) and pull off a heist of something in his mansion :)

What Leo sees when he’s breaking up with his 25 year old girlfriend

25 is truly the worst age. Too young to be taken seriously, too old to be Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend.

The girl Leonardo DiCaprio will dump when he’s 72 was born today

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8 thoughts on “Funniest Reactions To Leonardo DiCaprio Only Dating Women Under 25”

  1. For any normal middle-aged person, a 20-25 year old is honestly the most shallow, immature adult-wannabe there is. This makes DiCaprio like the Real Housewives of celebrities — old, superficial, bag-of-rocks dumb, yet convinced of his attractiveness. How is his real life any different from the egotistical wretch he played in Wolf of Wall St?
    And as for these girls: have some self-respect. Nobody admired the girls shagging Hugh Hefner at the end either.

  2. Why is everybody beating Leonardo DiCaprio up? Every Hollywood actor for the past 40 years has dated younger women it seems to be the thing to do in Hollywood so why are you picking on Leonardo DiCaprio I don’t really think he’s a bad guy he just likes what he likes, and if they want to date him what business is it of yours.

  3. Please leave the guy alone. Storm Thurmond was 64 when he fancied a 22 yo bride. It helped prolong his life to 100, so there’s logic in Leonardo dating young….

  4. I think that anyone who serial dates young adults either 1) Aren’t mature themselves. 2) Can’t satisfy someone their own age.

  5. All these people picking on the shallowness of a man who only dates women under 25. What about the women who only date him because he has $260 million? This is a case of two shallow people finding each other.


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