The Funniest Relatable Tweets About Being Lazy

Have you lately been feeling bad about procrastinating or being too lazy? We have a solution for you to improve your mood and self-image! These hilarious Twitter users are about to make you feel a lot better about the lazy life choices you’ve been making.

I buy kitchen appliances based on their Bluetooth capabilities so I don’t have to get off the couch to turn them on.

I always input the microwave cook time as 1:11 or 33 seconds or similar so I don't have to find another button.

I'm so lazy that I look up motivation videos to cure procrastination and add it to the watch later playlist.

When a show comes on I don't like and I can't reach the remote, I take a nap instead of getting the remote

Somebody wrote "wash me" on my car. I'm so lazy, I just wrote "no" under it.

Autocorrect on my phone has made me so lazy. I type “hrkkp” and get pissed off that it doesn’t get changed to “hello”

On HGTV they can flip a house in a month and I've been "getting ready to dust" for the past two weeks.

I know a kindred spirit when I see one (someone sitting completely still on a weight machine and sincerely watching Pirates of the Caribbean on the gym tv)

If I have too much laundry to put away, I put it on one side of my bed, and sleep on the other (or the couch if the whole bed is taken)

I type a text and make 20 speeling error but judt leave them anyqays lol

My laptop ran out of battery But the charger is in the bag beside my bed So, I decide to giving up on my assignment and go to sleep

When I wake up hungery in the middle of the night and I know I have to search for food I imagine the food that I like then go back to sleep

Lazy rule: Can't reach it? Don't need it.

I take a break after putting on my socks & shoes

You know you're lazy when your computer asks you "the file asfslkddjf already exist, would you like to replace it?"

Sometimes I think I'm not lazy, but then I remember I consider putting on high-top sneakers too much work most of the time.

I'm so lazy I just gave up halfway through a shrug.

Humans are so lazy we are 70% sure that robots are going to kill us all but we keep making them because chores suck.

I'm so lazy, if I got Catfished I'd just marry the person anyway.

Lazy rule: If you spill water, it will eventually dry.

Lazy people fact #2048290320389220192842991 You were too lazy to read that number.

Lazy Rule number 3: The farther away the remote, is the more you like what's already on TV

I'm too lazy up get up to kill this moth but we locked eyes & I made a slitting motion across my throat so I know I scared him.

I would so love to write a well crafted tweet about how lazy I am buuuuuut

How lazy are you? Are you even lazier than people who wrote these tweets? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. It’s nice in general, but some of these were made by such hardworking showoffs that it must have taken them a few good minutes to come out with a punch about how lazy they are.

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