Christmas Cards That Are Actually Funny

Don’t you just hate those tacky, unfunny, boring Christmas cards you can find in stores all over the country? We do. So we spent some time browsing around Etsy to bring together a gallery of Christmas cards that are actually funny.

How to survive Christmas?
Made by NineTwoDesign


Trump Christmas card.
Made by MightyDonut

Jesus got you two weeks off work!
Made by OriginalByPaige

I hope you love your present.
Made by dndesignsbuffalo

Dear Mary...
Made by shopsaplingpress

Christmas is weird.
Made by StoneHouseStudioJax

What did you get for Christmas?
Made by thecardcompony

Santa doesn't believe in you either.
Made by PurplefrogDesignsAU

Have a merry Ludachristmas!
Made by SEASandPEAS

Let's drink mulled wine and talk shit.
Made by StudioBokett

Santa has the right idea.
Made by ambersawesomeart

Obligatory Christmas card.
Made by SarahBurnsPrints

I'll be dead soon.
Made by HurrahForGinPrints

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.
Made by ClassyCardsCreative

Mike Tyson Christmas card.
Made by SEASandPEAS

Let it snow!

Made by PaintingReaver

Grumpy cat Christmas card.
Made by FourLetterWordCards

Merry Christmeth!
Made by thecardcompony

Only few more days...
Made by shopsaplingpress


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