Christmas Cards That Are Actually Funny

Don’t you just hate those tacky, unfunny, boring Christmas cards you can find in stores all over the country? We do. So we spent some time browsing around Etsy to bring together a gallery of Christmas cards that are actually funny.

How to survive Christmas.
Made by NineTwoDesign


Trump Christmas card.
Made by MightyDonut

Funny Christmas card.
Made by thecardcompony

Santa saw your Instagram...
Made by BasicBitchDesigns

You're welcome!
Made by FunkyGreetingStore

Funny Christmas card.
Made by FunkoJoyCards

Hilarious Christmas card.
Made by StudioBokett

Funny Christmas card.
Made by StoneHouseStudioJax

Funny Christmas card.
Made by ReverieStudioUK

Honest Christmas card.
Made by RustyPencil

Merry Christmeth!
Made by thecardcompony

Funny Christmas card.
Made by HurrahForGinPrints

Funny Christmas card.
Made by FourLetterWordCards

Merry Christmas!
Made by PurplefrogDesignsAU

Funny Christmas card.

Funny Christmas card.
Made by ClassyCardsCreative

Funny Christmas card.
Made by SymplePrints

Always jingle all the way!
Made by pencilrewind

Obligatory Christmas card.
Made by SarahBurnsPrints

Funny Christmas card.
Made by PeabodyStudioPrints

Funny Christmas card.
Made by CrimsonandCloverGift



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  1. Anonymous November 23, 2019

    Whoa,was this one bad.

  2. Reese November 24, 2019

    Loved them all :D

  3. Anonymous November 24, 2019

    I’ll take a full set!

  4. Rick November 24, 2019

    How come we can’t find these at the overstock bin at Family Dollar? I’d stock up.

  5. Kathy November 24, 2019

    I just might send Christmas Cards again if I could find some like these.

  6. Anonymous November 25, 2019

    Merry Christmeh

  7. Michelle - owner of four letter word cards November 25, 2019

    Thank you so much for featuring my mediocre holiday card! You all freaking rock! ♥

  8. Anonymous November 27, 2019

    love them all

  9. John November 27, 2019

    Wow, these were terrible! Lol nothing like the sample card that got me to click on the link.

  10. Anonymous November 30, 2019

    crap not like yhe sample card that got me on the link

  11. QV November 30, 2019

    I’ll take your entire stock!

  12. ... and Kalamazoo December 17, 2019

    Oh come on folks, laugh! The light ball one is fantastic. The mulled wine has promise (needs a better graphic), and the last one would make my mother hem and haw and speak ill of the sender, which means it rocks!

  13. Anonymeows December 19, 2019

    Why were there so many swear words?! :(

  14. Dave January 28, 2020

    Have a Meh-ry Xmas and a Mediocre New Year.

  15. Nuke and Denice May 11, 2020

    I liked them all except the religious ones….those were just weird.

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