The Funniest Internet Finds of October, 2017

Brutally Honest Job Titles – These days there are literally thousands of fancy job titles, but what do they even mean? Normally not a lot.

OMG, It’s Called Fashion! – Latest men’s fashion from Palomo Spain Spring 2018 collection. Warning: you will need some eye bleach after viewing this gallery.

“For Rectal Use Only” Stickers Prank – Did you know that for just a few dollars you can get thousands of “For Rectal Use Only” stickers on Amazon? Well, some people have found it out and are not afraid to take advantage of it…

Bad Pickup Lines –  It’s hard to kick off a convo with a stranger as it is, but I can say with a high degree of certainty that none of the pickup lines featured in this video will ever get you a date.

Cat vs. Vacuum Cleaner – Rather crazy-eyed but beautiful orange cat named Rijka clungs tightly to the vacuum cleaner with her front paws and proceeds to lick at the suctioned air moving through the device.

What Breakfast Pastry Are You? – Of all the web quizzes I have ever seen on the internet, this is by far the dumbest and most useless.

Flowers In Wedding Replaces With Cats – Don’t worry, no cats were harmed. This has been dad with the help of Photoshop.

Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories That Trump Believes – Turns out that Donald Trump believes plenty of wacky conspiracies. Apparently it IS possible to have a bigger moron than George W. Bush…

Husky Learns How To Blow Bubbles – Huskies are definitely a breed that stand out when it comes to personality. This little guy in particular just realized he could play scuba diver in his water dish.

The Lamest Superhero Powers of All Time – “Eating Through Anything”, “Summoning Squirrels”, and “Turning Into a Ball” are my favorites.