18 thoughts on “Bitter Truths From a Potato”

  1. Remember: The universe is so big and old it has no idea you even exist and will not notice when you are gone. There’s actual freedom to be found in that fact.

  2. None of these things are actually that depressing :) It’s OK to be imperfect, it’s OK to have only a few devoted ppl – you dont really have bandwidth for many others! Etc. All you really need is self love, which makes many of these things not terribly impactful, or kinda funny really. Hugs to anyone who is feeling low. Remember that people might be caught up in their own issues/vortex, but they will appreciate your human energy for no reason at all aside from the fact that we humans are social animals who appreciate the company of other humans. Just your distilled self is enough to make me happy, bc I feed off human vibes..

  3. I have to cough up a few platitudes to counterbalance harsh reality…..Remember, being rich is relative; your lifestyle is enviable to many… Eat the cake, buy the shoes, spritz on the good perfume every day…. Don’t let the orange terd in the white house get you down, the wheel will turn eventually…. And remember, go for happiness, and stop stressing, no one gets out of here alive.

  4. This all is not depressing it is in fact the truth. And if you apply it to your life and get on with your life … it is up lifting and freeing for anyone. That’s life so to speak. ❤️❤️

  5. “Your flaws don’t make you beautiful. They make you flawed.” YES. But. Flaws are facts (I am not the smartest/best-looking/richest person out there, I am not at my ideal weight, I have unresolved trauma from my past which weighs on me now), and beauty is an opinion. The lesson here is that feelings are not facts. I can feel any way I want to about my flaws – love them, hate them, whatever. The beauty comes in when I see my worth (and the worth of others) DESPITE the flaws.

  6. But still, every day you wake up, open your eyes, breath, hear and walk, is a new chance to be the best version of yourself!!! Jump out of bed, smile, take care of yourself, dress nice, smell good, smile to everyone you see, say hello, good morning!! Feel blessed and thank God for all you are and all you can do with it…

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