11 thoughts on “The Funniest Tweets About Daily Struggles of a Modern Woman”

  1. Luckily we have just 2 genders, so I have to read just 2 variants of this idiocy, male and female… wait, now we’re living in a gender fluid society, so I may end up reading some stupid tweet of a transexual woman proud to have correctly loaded the dishwasher… Infinite idiocy!!!

  2. mp: I just wrote to your wife and asked her to untie you so you won’t be FORCED to read this anymore. You’re welcome.

  3. I find that my definition of ‘funniest’ is much different than that of the editor who compiled this article.

  4. @anonymous. That’s nice. But seriously? So what? Be a nice person and that’s how I’ll treat you. Bang on constantly about your sexuality and you’re a ghost, my friend. I have no time for people who are so busy with mundane life details that they can’t go out and accomplish something memorable. I don’t care if that’s being a research scientist or the person at the checkout. Nailing your job day in and day out is an accomplishment. If all you are is your sexual identity, then what good are you to anyone else?

  5. “Anonymous March 18, 2022
    I’m transgender:

    no you’re not, you’re either male or female, what you really are is mentally delusional

  6. Hey everyone! Less “sexual identity” and more sex please! The world will be a happier place.

  7. Trigger warning to the brainwashed useful idiots in the left’s divide and conquer strategy-rocky road ahead!

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