Pet Owners Share The Most Ridiculous Reasons They Had To Visit The Vet

There isn’t anything in the world that a good owner wouldn’t do for his beloved pet. So when a health emergency comes up, some of us panic and rush to the vet, which is a completely normal reaction. However, in some cases, what we thought was a major problem turned out to be something completely silly. Scroll down to put a smile on your face, and don’t forget to share your own story in the comments!

Dog had a raspy cough. The vet went right over him, x ray, blood tests and it was all a big mystery. Out of the blue the vet asked me to cough. I coughed...the dog coughed...I coughed again. Turned out the whole family had colds and the dog was trying to fit in.

My dog would throw up everytime we were over at my sister's place. Like, she would just stand there and go "Hawt hawt hawt pyuck hewk". I was concerned and took her to the vet. Spent $700 just to find out she hated my sister's kids and would throw up to show her disgust.

My dog was extremely lethargic after we came back from a vacation in the mountains. Would not really eat or drink for days. Took her to the vet, they did all the tests, and was told she was just temporarily depressed the vacation was over.

A guy I know got his first cat ever, and was convinced that she had a lung infection because of the raspy noise she was constantly making. Rushes her to the vet. X-rays, scans, and then as they're discussing exploratory surgery, The Noise starts. Vet says, "sir, she's purring."

I paid like $1200 for various tests for my late bulldog's hearing because we were convinced she had gone deaf. She could hear just fine she just didn't give a damn about what we had to say.

We rushed our dog to the emergency 24 hour vet after a day at the beach because she was acting skittish about her tail (was it broken?!) One 2am x-ray later and the vet says she has “happy tail syndrome,” meaning she wagged it so hard on her beach day that it was sore.

This Twitter thread was started by Kristin Chirico and quickly went viral with thousands of retweets and replies. One thing that it showed us is that, fortunately, not all health emergencies are as bad as they seem. There’s also a subtle hint there that vets have the patience of saints and the sense of humor of stand-up comedians.

One of us just spent $600 to find out the other one has gas.

Dog unknowingly ate a joint. The vet laughed at me. I guess it was VERY obvious

Started limping very badly on a walk and lying on his side and not moving. Left him with my husband and our other dog and ran 2 km (1.86 miles) home to get the car and take him to emergency vet. Totally fine when we arrive - dramatic response to small ant bite on foot.

$200 to discover that my cat’s limp was, in fact, fake and done only for attention.

atticus was acting skittish and hissing a ton (total opposite of his personality) paid $500 and got an extremely doped up cat just to find out he didn’t like the taste of his new treats

Caspers chin went from snow white to dirty, and was convinced based on the internet that it was cat acne. My dad kindly drove me and a wailing boy to the vet, had a minor car crash that caused damage, only to find out that Casper was fine he just was gross when he ate.

My aunt’s dog stopped moving and was screeching when we tried to pick him up. We brought him to the vet, vet couldn’t find anything wrong, gave him a mild sedative. High, he fell off the back seat of her car, let out a minute long fart and was healed. 400 bucks for a lil poot.

For a couple of days my cat had been showing signs of dying, not drinking, not eating, sleeping and hiding. So I go to the vets today and the vet straight up said. “He looks like he got into a fight and he’s depressed he lost, his vitals are fine”. I CANT WITH THIS CAT LMAOO

When I first brought my cat home, he would call loudly when using the litter box. I thought maybe he had an infection. Diagnosis - He is a young male- some of them like to announce to the world when they pee.

the closest ER vet was 2 hours away when my 12-week-old puppy started showing UTI symptoms. she’d squat over her puppy pad but not pee. i spent a sleepless night and $350 the next day to find out she was playing me for treats the whole time, which i’d given her for using the pad

$900 to find out my dog sat on gum. Like - right on his butthole. Thought it was an infection or something but noooooooo. Just someone's chewed up Trident.

The first time I ever took our dog to the vet was because he had these weird warts on his chest and I was really worried about it, but it turns out that the "warts" were just his nipples. I didn't realize that dogs had nipples and I needed the vet to tell me

I took my dog to the vet REPEATEDLY because he kept limping on 3 paws. Vet couldn’t find anything wrong with him. Turned out, he realized he got lots of attention for limping. RIDICULOUS. I tried to teach this dog to give his paw for weeks. Nothing.

My dog was restless and just acting very weird for a solid 24 hours so I took him to the emergency vet. $250 to find out he just really hates the smell of boiled shrimp.

paid $100 for the vet to evaluate what I deemed an "embedded tick" in my dogs stomach. come to find out a) ticks don't burrow/embed and b) it was simply her nipple

12 thoughts on “Pet Owners Share The Most Ridiculous Reasons They Had To Visit The Vet”

  1. Some of these are funny and understandable. Some people have no business having animals…

  2. The most important moral here is that in the US you have to choose between health services and shopping for food. Can’t have both. And it doesn’t matter if you have a cat, a dog or a child.

  3. Thank you, Anonymous for your important moral, said no one ever. No one comes here to read sermons from prats, so spare us your stupidity. It’s like there’s no escape from moronic, know-it-alls like you. You’re the type of person everyone avoids having to talk to no matter where you are. Your bad breath and smelly feet aren’t helping matters. Please just shut up.

  4. Daughter’s a vet tech. The number of “I didn’t know cats/dogs had nipples” stories astounds.

  5. My childhood dachshund stopped eating and stopped pooping. Took her to the vet who x-rayed her and discovered a mass in her tummy. Exploratory surgery, after which the vet calls and tells my mom “I don’t know how to tell you this, but Tinkerbell seems to have eaten the elastic out of women’s underwear.”

  6. What we people will do to help save your beloved furbabies! But I will say if your planning on get a pet and you’ve never had one read or talk to people!

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