The Funniest Internet Finds of March, 2018

Indisputable Proof That Cats Are Actually Liquid – Everyone who says that cats are not liquid is a goddamn liar!

Inspirational Quote of The Day – Just because you are trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. It’s called garbage can, not garbage cannot.

15 Ridiculous Pieces of Art That Sold For Millions – What am I missing here? Why are people paying a fortune for this nonsense?

World’s Most Depressingly Named Places – A selection of Google Maps screenshots of the world’s most hilariously depressing and awkward sounding places.

Bad-Ass Presidential Portraits – Artist Jason Heuser has been creating portraits of bad-ass American presidents since 2011. Let’s all hope he’ll continue this epicness.

45 of The Funniest Insults In Human History – Insults so witty and cutting that they’ve outlived the person who delivered them.

An Insane Theory That Keanu Reeves Is Immortal – This must be one of the hilariously stupid conspiracy theories of all time… or is it?

66 Funny Parenting Tweets – It’s no secret that kids are a riot, but they would be nothing without their hilarious parents.

Funny Animals That Will Make Your Day So Much Better – Looking at pictures of animals is one of the top reasons we are eternally grateful for the internet (after online shopping).

British Problems – Who would have thought that life in Great Britain (or United Kingdom, or England, or whatever-the-**** it’s called) is pure hell?

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