The Funniest Internet Finds of January, 2018

Ever Wonder Why? – … the American bald eagle is always photographed from the side? Time to find out.

Indoor Cats Experiencing Snow For The First Time – What is this white, cold, and wet abomination?! Who the hell is responsible for this!?

Creative Way to Fight Back Against Swastikas – Graffiti artists in Berlin are coming together to turn hate symbols into much less sinister drawings.

Penguin Star Wars – Penguin stormtroopers march down the stairs clearing the way for penguin Darth Vader’s grand entrance.

61 Mildly Infuriating Things – Maybe it’s a misplaced bathroom tile or an unnecessary amount of packaging… There’s really no telling what slight mistake in the universe might send someone into a meltdown.

Horrifying First World Problems – A list of heart-breaking problems daily faced by people who are living in first world countries.

Adorable Bunnies To Brighten Your Day – Having a bad day? These bunnies have the magic to cheer you up.

The New Year’s Resolutions You’ve Already Failed To Keep – Ohh… New Year’s resolutions: the perfect middle ground between lying to others and lying to yourself.

Tiny Hedgehog Camper – A teeny tiny hedgehog camps out under the great big sky with teeny tiny custom camping gear.

Every Couple On Real Estate Shows – “I’m a part time kindergarten teacher and my husband hangs potatoes in garages for a living. Our budget is 5 million dollars.”

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