Custom Scented Candles For Every Occasion

These scented candles were created to help you display exactly how you feel with both grace and assertiveness. Whether you desire to burn them or just display them as a conversation piece on the mantle is up to you. Lovingly made by various Etsy artists.

When the dog farts...
Made by JustALilSomethingUK

Sorry, mom...
Made by DriftsEastCo

It's on fire!
Made by TapTagsco

A candle for meetings.
Made by BlazedCandleCo

Made by nuttysparks

Funny candle.
Made by HighRoadDesignsLLC

Funny candle.
Made by LittleAtticR

Calm down candle.
Made by JustALilSomethingUK

Friendship candle.
Made by LizzielaneBoutique

Kids are finally in bed.
Made by LittleAtticR

Here we go again...
Made by FlirtyJackGifts

Happy birthday!
Made by Sarothdesigns

Please behave.
Made by TapTagsco

Relaxing candle.
Made by LittleAtticR

Candle of shame.
Made by RusticbyRebeccaUK

Light me when...
Made by HighRoadDesignsLLC

Tired of masks.
Made by BlazedCandleCo

Very zen candle.
Made by TheSecretOwlShop

Smells like...
Made by LooseMusing

Finally divorced!
Made by nuttysparks

It's time to leave.
Made by ThePersonaliseStudio

5 thoughts on “Custom Scented Candles For Every Occasion”

  1. The last two are really bad photoshop jobs. The text is flat over curved labels on curved candles. Boo!

  2. It seems that a lot of S&U readers don’t understand how product images on sales sites work.

    Most labels are printed only when someone orders them The don’t print up hundreds of each and slap them on their candle inventory.

    Think about it. They have 50 cutesy labels, do you thing they’re going to bet on ever label selling a couple hundred units?

    No. They print a label and slap it on a candle when someone orders it.

    I’m surprised at how often S&U readers anyone whining about photoshopped product labels.

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