People Sharing Weird And Funny Roommate Stories On Twitter

Living with roommates has become the norm for many people, as house prices rise, and living alone just doesn’t make financial sense anymore. Depending on your personality and your compatibility with the roommate, it can either be a joy of shared fun or a complete nightmare. Either way, the potential for some funny and weird stories is ridiculously high. Scroll down to see some of the best ones and don’t forget to tell us your own in the comments below!

#MyRoommateIsWeird He taught my parrot how to say, "Help me. I've been turned into a parrot."

My roommate refused to use plates, and ate his dinner straight off the table. Said it didn’t make sense to get plates dirty when the table is a giant plate.

I had a roommate that would sleep walk in the middle of the night speaking German… He was Chinese.

My roommate was pulling straight A’s in Pre Med. In a moment if stress he punched a hole in our apartment wall. He patched it perfectly by watching YouTube videos and decided to change careers. He is now the most sought after contractor in our area.

My freshman dorm had a small, electrical short above the sink inside the mirror’s light. My roommate would hold both the faucet and the mirror at the same time to gently shock himself awake for the day.

I always thought my room mate was FaceTiming a long distance GF, turned out it was his family cat. Every Saturday for an hour...

My room mate at college used to make sculptures from his empty beer cans. He made Stonehenge, the White House and the Colesseum. We only realised there was a problem when he started drinking more to make sure he had enough cans to "finish the sculpture"

in college all of a sudden there was a thunderous knocking across the hall; 4 campus police were at the door, screaming WE KNOW ABOUT THE CHICKENS!! Our neighbors opened the door and four chickens— IN CHICKEN DIAPERS— scurried out.

#MyWeirdRoommate one time my roommate had a guy over and she wasn’t into him at all. I pulled her to the other room and whispered “how’s it going?” and she responded “i dislocated his knee by accident so i can’t break up with him yet”

She was super nice to everyone, so she brought home a stranger who missed the last bus, and let him sleep on the sofa, then stayed awake all night in panic in case he turned out to be a murderer

My roommate ringtone used to be her little sister screaming, first time i heard it i almost got a heart attack.

In college my roommate would take his few dishes into the shower with him to wash instead of using the sink.

I once had a roommate who would sit on the couch and eat Cheetos with socks on both hands because he was afraid the orange color would permanently dye his fingers.

Roommate never cleaned out his pockets before laundry, clogging the lint catch. Always reminded him to empty his pockets. One lint catch object was a KFC chicken leg. Roommate said: "I really need to remember to empty my pockets before doing laundry".

My old roommate used to have imaginary fights in the shower and I would hear her go “bro. Back the eff up”

My roommate at college used to wipe his fingerprints away after touching something just in case i was a serialmurderer and he would be blamed for it. Needless to see he wasn't my roommate for very long.

If my roommate and I were going somewhere together and he beat me getting ready, he would play the @Jeopardy theme song at max volume until I walked outside.

#MyWeirdRoommate used to talk in his sleep & in the middle of the night used to yell "damn it...not the frying pan!" at least once a week.

my roommate @CchristinePark thought perfume was breath spray for a really long time, she’d spray perfume in her mouth.

My college roommate used almost all of our pots and pans to practice a drum routine for a solid month.

I had a roommate who would stand at the sink and eat peanut butter late at night. No spoon. Just fingers deep in the jar.

I had a roommate who would talk in his sleep. My favorite was once when I was up late reading, he suddenly sat up in his bed, pointed at me, and yelled "Haha, fooled you! I'm not really wearing a cowboy shirt!"

My roommate, whenever she would find an abandoned children/baby’s clothing, would pin it up on her bedroom wall.

My roommate would put black olives in a bowl, put milk on them and eat them like cereal

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  1. My freshman college roommate brought exactly three cassette tapes for his boombox — Meatloaf: Bat Out of Hell; Def Leppard: Best Of; and Rick Springfield: Best Of.
    Never cared for any of them before, but thirty years later, I get an allergic reaction whenever any of that dreck comes on the radio.

  2. I had a roommate who was a bit of a fire bug. He’d bring home random stuff from his travels and burn it in our fireplace. Not fun.

  3. The one about the imaginary fights in the shower? Yeah. My husband used to do that. He’d come out of the bathroom just furious. Then he got on Prozac. Never did it again.

  4. I had a roommate who often forgot his keys and then climbed in the apartment from the neighbors balcony on the 18th floor.

  5. I had a roommate who would leave on her DVD player after she watched Jurassic park in her room. The DVD menu to Jurassic Park is the theme. She would leave it on for hours. At least it was better than my autistic little sister, who would regularly make horrific noises until 1 AM every night.

    Thank goodness for noise machines.

  6. My roommate faked going to university (medicine) for 13 years having her parents paying for rent and university taxes, believing she was taking exams, getting good grades. Got married and dropped university after 14 years having only 9 exams done.

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