2019 Sarcastic Vintage Pictures Calendar Is Here!

Artist Anne Taintor is the originator of these snarky vintage illustrations rounded up in a 2019 calendar which will surely add value to your real estate if you have it on your wall. Scroll down to see the funniest examples of her work!

Why I love frosting.


Cleaning is pointless.

See, darling?

Is it just me?

Expiration dates are for the weak.

Personal space.

Who need pizza?

A woman's work is never done.

This is not spying.

Proper definition of parenting.

Sure, I set a bad example...

She's OK with robots taking over.

Cats don't care if you're crazy.

When you make it yourself...

Why I just called my mother.

I'm lucky he cooks...

Why I'd be delighted...

1% inspiration...

I drive them everywhere...

I'm making whatever the hell I want, sweetie.



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  1. Anonymous December 29, 2018

    Love it. So filled with 2018 GOP hate just the way
    God wants it to be so she can end the world and blame it on the Christians.

  2. mike December 30, 2018

    ^^ What a media fed idiot.

  3. Anonymous January 3, 2019

    mike, she’s just an NPC bot.

  4. Anonymous January 8, 2019

    wow lol

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