The Funniest Internet Finds of April, 2018

Weirdest Soap Bars You Can Actually Buy – Lather up with refreshing scents like Introverts, Awkward Moments, Hipsters, Midlife Crisis, Online Dating, and many more.

Useless Products That Are Frustratingly Funny – Some people just want to set the world on fire to watch it burn.

People Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Childhood Photos – If we all digged deep enough, I’m sure we could find a terrible class or family photo of ourselves we’d rather not remember.

These Service Dogs Spent a Day at Disneyland – Recently, a group of service dogs got to have some fun in the park… and the photos of this event is magical.

Parent/Kid Face Swaps That Will Give You Nightmares – Creepiest funny face swaps that are guaranteed to haunt your dreams forever. Consider yourself warned.

33 Funny Protest Signs – Considering how much time we spend arguing on Facebook every day, it’s surprising how few of us are prepared to actually leave our houses to stand in a large group yelling at strangers in person.

Kissing Couple Photobombs – There is nothing more awkward than being the third wheel to a couple that can’t keep their hands off each other. Best revenge? Photobombing!

Putin On The Ritz – If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to, why don’t you go where fashion sits?

Train Prank Video – Pranknster Rémi Gaillard slows down traffic wearing a train costume and setting up a pair of impromptu human gates.

How Dirty Is Your Mind? – Could your mind be featured on an episode of “Dirty Jobs,” or are you as pure as they come?

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