This Month’s Funniest Internet Finds

People Selling Mirrors Are Hilarious – Did you know that there is an online community dedicated to look at this very thing? Who would have thought that looking at people who are trying to sell mirrors is so much fun?!

Pugs Shamelessly Hunting Your Food – Every snack you take, every meal you make, every bite you take, pugs will be watching you!

Funniest Wildlife Photos From The Past Year – Did you know that each year there is a “Comedy Wildlife Photography” contest that give out awards to funniest animal pictures? There is. And it’s brilliant.

Some People Don’t Belong Anywhere Near Kitchen – Here are some cooking fails that prove, once again, some people should stay as far as away from cooking as possible.

Brilliant Book Dedications – Generic book dedications are a dime-a-dozen, but these authors decided to make theirs as funny and creative as possible.

Creative Cosplay On a Hilariously Small Budget – Russian Instagrammer Alexander Kravets takes normal household items and uses them to make incredibly creative cosplay on the cheap, and the pictures are totally hilarious.

Sober Memes Gallery – You can learn a lot about addiction and recovering addicts from the funny and true memes they post online.

The Joys of Owning a Dog – So you want a dog in your life? After seeing this gallery of funny snapchats, you will surely reconsider and get yourself a cat.

Vegan Hunters Pose With Their Kills – We’ve all seen the photos of the Trump Boys and other “hunters” posing with their kills. But hunting isn’t the exclusive manly domain of carnivores…

Nicolas Cage As Everyone – The internet has a strange obsession with Nicolas Cage. Combined with lots of free time and some basic Photoshop skills, this is the result.

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