Anti-Greeting Hate Cards For Your Enemies

You probably have a coworker or neighbor you despise so much, you can’t even express it in words. That’s exactly why hate cards have been invented!

Nobody loves you.
Made by KAA illustration

Basic card for basic bitch.
Made by TopHatAndMonocle

If people were door handles, you'd be a knob.
Made by OhYouKnowCards

Baby shower card.
Made by sweetperversion

Mean card.
Made by SeeYouNextTuesDesign

Even dead people hate you.
Made by rxletterpress

Happy birthday!
Made by PhoenixAshDesigns

Jesus loves you.
Made by WeekendBanter

Happy birthday!
Made by yousaiditcards

Friendship hard.
Made by ThrillingCards

Rude card.
Made by DeadGoodDoodles

Happy birthday!
Made by SleazyGreetings

Divorce card.
Made by CarrotandPea

Happy birthday card.
Made by HelloMellowPrints

Mean card.
Made by SeeYouNextTuesDesign

Rude card.
Made by Pricklycards

You will be missed.
Made by yousaiditcards

Enjoy your present.
Made by PeabodyStudioPrints

Romantic card.
Made by DeadGoodDoodles

Rude card.
Made by DavetheEagleCards

You got fat!
Made by KAA Illustration

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  1. A very, very niche market. I hope they are print-on-demand cards cause they’ll all be ending up in the recycling bin!

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