2019 Irish Farmer Calendar Is Here!

Who needs beefy firemen or hot policemen calendars when you can have this amazing thing hanging on your wall? Featured below are the funniest photos from Irish Farmer Calendar 2019 issue and previous years. Scroll down and enjoy!

Irish farmer brushing donkey's teeth.


Chicken crossing the road.

Irish farmer posing with his girlfriends.

Irish farmer knitting in the field.

Irish farmer playing pool.

Teaching old dog a new trick.

Farmer taking care of his ride.

Irish farmer taking a shower.

Irish farmer to the rescue!

Taking a bath with a duck.

Best Irish farmer folk band in action.

Farmer taking a piglet for a walk.

Farmer reading newspaper to pigs.

This doesn't look like a fair fight.

The cutest selfie ever.

Irish farmers having a good time.

Irish farmer posing with his horse.

Playing guitar to a pig.

Irish farmer feeding his rabbit.

Irish farmers having fun.



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  1. Maaike December 19, 2018

    But the most important question: are they single?

  2. June December 19, 2018

    That is adorable!! What a fun calendar!

  3. June December 19, 2018

    I would buy this calendar just for those smiles. I loved going to Ireland this last year, all the people we met were so amazing, these guys look like they are the same. Love hearing that brogue and that laughter!

  4. connie cahill murray December 19, 2018

    Absolutely charming and funny- just like the Irish! xxoo

  5. Anonymous December 19, 2018

    Well. I certainly do not include this offering as “Sad and Useless”… oh my!

  6. Kenneth December 19, 2018

    Pretty cool and humorous .

  7. Lucy Robbins December 19, 2018

    Love the smiles and the humor that shines through. Want to go back

  8. Anonymous December 19, 2018

    Can they get any whiter?

  9. Barbara Paul December 19, 2018

    … love everything Irish xxx

  10. Linda December 20, 2018

    They need some vtamin D therapy on a beach😉⛱☀️💞
    Best thing I’ve seen all day. 😚💚

  11. Anonymous December 20, 2018

    How do I order? My Irish mom would love this! I loved this!!

  12. Anonymous December 20, 2018

    Where do I order??? #MustHave

  13. Kim December 20, 2018

    I would buy it too, now there is some real natural men!
    Love the smiles, love the fun and love the Irish.

  14. Anonymous December 21, 2018

    If they are genuine I’d love to order two calendars

  15. Hornblat December 21, 2018

    Why does it take exactly two hundred and thirty nine beans to make a pot of Irish Bean Soup ?

    If there were just one more , it would be Two Farty .

  16. Cockpit - Hash House Harriers December 21, 2018

    This made my day. Real men, being sexy, being silly. Or just standing there with their shirts off.

  17. Anonymous December 21, 2018

    What wonderful pictures, they would take some beating.

  18. Anonymous December 23, 2018

    Only the Irish!

  19. Liam December 24, 2018

    I lost count yesterday making bean soup. I was banished to the shed!

  20. Schwell January 6, 2019

    Great smiles! Looks like they had fun making this!!

  21. Anonymous January 18, 2019

    Made me laugh. 10/10 would buy.

  22. Anonymous January 24, 2019

    xD wat is dis

  23. Me nam jeff January 24, 2019


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